Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My Mom and Nanny were here visiting me a little while ago… err… the beginning of the month. I’m just now getting around to going through the pictures. Oops. Not many of them turned out well, plus I didn’t do much in the way of picture snapping (only a few over 100). In any case, here’s a quick recap!


Mom on the bus!


At the locks, with Chateau Laurier in the background.


Mom and Nanny at the base of the locks.

I also haven't been blogging too much (okay, at all) because I've been so busy at the Theatre. I did two designs back to back, and then helped out on a third, so I've spent nearly every day there. But, I did get inducted in Hogan's Heroes, which is a group of people with shirts that have "crew" embroidered on the sleeve. They are a group of volunteers who are amazing and have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I feel very honoured to be part of their ranks.

Closing Night-03

All of Hogan's Heroes that were at closing night of thee last show of the 2009/2010 season. Our SM is a Hogan, hence Hogan's Heroes. He's the one in the Hawaiian shirt, which also has the OLT emblem on it. Oh, and I am wearing shorts, they’re just black and short, so they kind of disappeared.


I also spent a fair bit of time volunteering with the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Lot's of fun, no pictures from me. If you want to see what shennanigans went on, check out here.

-Cheers folks!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi Yatis.

I know I haven’t blogged much recently, but there really hasn’t been much to blog about, either that or I have had no photos. A brief recap though:

My green cabled sweater is coming along well. One sleeve done, about 8 inches on the second.

I have finally finished the horseshoe lace section of Bridgewater and I’m onto the lace edge.

I have baked a fair bit. Bread, cookies, muffins, cinnamon buns, and more cookies.

I have also been biking a fair bit, even if it’s just a half hour ride to go sit on a bench and read for an hour, it’s great.

In other news, I had a mishap today involving a squirrel and two geese. It left me with this:


And this:


Yea, it hurts, and it’s going to leave a very nice scar, but that’s okay, I’ve had worse.

-Cheers folks!