Monday, January 21, 2008

missing in action

so, I know its been a while, but the knitting has not been forgotten. in fact it was the other way around, the knitting had taken over my life, and blogging had gone down the tubes. lol. well, updates. bbuggs are still not sewn in, they're just sitting on top of my CD rack by my bed looking cute. i cast on and finished a Vinnland sock. the bind off is a bit tight, I might end up taking it out and trying either using a size larger needle, or trying a different cast off alltogether (yay I ripped out the excheckered scarf I was knitting from cascade 220 heathers and wool. I dont need anymore scarves. love the pattern, and the yarn, but seriously, I've got billions of scarves. Ive been working on snuggles which are small blankets I'm knitting out of some super bulky acrylic for one of the local animal shelters. I dont know what else is up. I have started the daunting task of sewing all my badges onto my new camp blanket. I think I'll do a full post on that blanket sometime. it's awesome, and I have so many badges and crests. my only issue is that I don't think that my brownie and guide sashes will fit on the poncho type blanket Ive got going on, so I might take all of my badges off and sew them on individually....that will take forever. oh well! c'est la vie eh?


when I was uploading the pictures I thought of something I wanted to add, but then I promptly forgot, there will be another post soon most likely.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


so, in my haste to tell my parents I had finished a pair of baby uggs, my father thought I had just stuttered saying "bugs". so these booties will henceforth be known as bbuggs. they were uber quick to make and the only thing I didn't like was the rediculous price of the suede. I might have been able to get it cheaper somewhere else, like at a big box store, but I dont even know if they'd have it.

I like them. I only have a little bit of sewing in of the ends and the laces, but even still they may only have taken about 3 hours to complete.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new year new blog

so im back at dabbling into html. Im changing my blog, but its been so long since I've been using html (im self taught) that Im forgetting a lot. im now remembering why i hate hex coded color systems too. but in any case, the blog is under construction, so it might look funky for a while. give me some feedback though please!