Saturday, March 29, 2008


yea. I'm just not in the mood to fiddle with any html. my brain has apparently shut down due to graduation.

yarny news!. cast on a binary bag...will most likely frog it and turn it into a pillow because its soooo freaking soft. do not want to felt the wool to make the purse. Balled up my gothic popsicle to make a scarfsicle! using the slip stitch pattern from the cashmere neckwarmer from yarn abuse. loveing it. nothing else is new really.

have to start looking for jobs soon. can not wait to get out of the office I'm in. It's killing me. All my artsy-ness is going down the drains! I hate it! and 8-5 just isn't going over well, I dont get to sleep till 1 if not 2 and then i have to wake up at 6. I can't run on 4 or 5 hours sleep. It just doesn't work. hahaha. work doesn't work. oh dear.

pictures. right. um, new camera yadda yadda, a couple pictures of current works. I ran out of cascade220 for Mosey and so did the loop, so I ordered if off of ebay, hopefully it gets here soon.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

blaaah blogger

so i changed my template, and well it screwed everything up. I'll fix it eventually. just not right now.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

spendy spendy

So the first (of undoubtedly many) graduation gift to myself from myself was a new digital camera. I did something I'm not known do EVER do, I didn't buy the cheapest thing I could find. I actually put money into this purchase. I spent 200 bucks and got myself a Sony Camera. I'm excited, I already love it, and the fact that there will be no AA batteries ever again in my life. This camera has a Lithium Ion battery. And it came with a leather case. I already had a memory stick for it at home (well, I stole it out of the PSP I never use anymore). I probably will end up going out in a few weeks to get myself a larger card, but for right now the 512 mb card will do nicely.

knitting! I didn't think that I had been working like mad, but apparently I was. The first Mosey (minus the ties and pom poms) is done! I love it. I'm gonna pop on some Dr. Who soon and knit me up two feet or so of a 3 st I-cord. Thankfully I decided not to drink tonight. hahahaha. But it was so hard to not knit Thursday night... Thank goodness for Kyle. :)

Pictures forthcoming.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm done! I'm a college graduate. Now I need to find a job. But I'm going to take a break for a week or so just to rest. Then I'll start the mad job hunt.

Drank last night. Had fun. Stayed out all night. I feel liberated. I feel like I've grown up. I feel amazing.

on knitting news. Boobholder is done. and I started Mosey from the spring knitty. they're awesome. I'm going to need some more of the cascade though, which might be a problem... I'm not sure how much of it my LYS has. but I already love my legwarmers. Never though I'd ever say that. but srsly, I've got an awesome skirt that they'd look great with. And hopefully *crosses fingers* mom and dad find me a pair of converse high tops while they're down in the states. Otherwise I'll be wearing my airwalks with them. I've also got one cottage sock done. I dont like them though. They're probably end up getting frogged. Also, I've got one and one third of the basic ribbed sock done in the Monkeypal I got from etsy.

I would have better pictures, but I just fought with my camera, and alas the camera won. well, more so died. I may go out tomorrow and try to find myself a decent camera. The one I had sucked anyways. So these pictures are from my cell cam. terrible, I know, but better than nothing. :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

theres a light!

I see it. I see the light. It's down there at the end of the tunnel! I can see it! Now lets hope that it's not a freight train.

I'm so close to being done school, so close. I graduate...on Thursday. I'm excited and stressed all at the same time. it's not doing good things for my back. I'm in such pain. ridiculous pain. and I don't have my Tylenol 3 or ibuprofen here with me at school. :( *weep*

But knitting news! I started and finished the boobholder in Cascade heathers in a deep greeny colorway, pictures forthcoming. I also finished a Cottage Sock from Lion brand in Twilley's of Stamford Freedom in a lollipop colorway, with baby blue toes, heels and the rib at the cuff. im not sure if i like them or not.

short update, im going home now, pain is unreal.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


so im bored with this site. it totally reeks of Gimp. but now ive got photoshop, i need to do up something better. and soon, or else i will throw something at something. but i rarely have the time to sit down and do something like that. maybe thats what i'll do in my photoshop class at school, considering i have like 7 business cards, and we only needed 3. that sounds like a plan. :)

Oh right. Executive Producer of the Lime & Violet podcast. Totally rocks my hand knit socks. :D im excited. I just finished editing an episode, and it's uploading now. yay!

and just for some added fun, here's a couple business cards. leave a comment here, or on ravelry, or on the L&V boards, tell me which you like. :D

PS. the last one was a gag a friend did for me. NOT a real business card.