Saturday, March 22, 2008

spendy spendy

So the first (of undoubtedly many) graduation gift to myself from myself was a new digital camera. I did something I'm not known do EVER do, I didn't buy the cheapest thing I could find. I actually put money into this purchase. I spent 200 bucks and got myself a Sony Camera. I'm excited, I already love it, and the fact that there will be no AA batteries ever again in my life. This camera has a Lithium Ion battery. And it came with a leather case. I already had a memory stick for it at home (well, I stole it out of the PSP I never use anymore). I probably will end up going out in a few weeks to get myself a larger card, but for right now the 512 mb card will do nicely.

knitting! I didn't think that I had been working like mad, but apparently I was. The first Mosey (minus the ties and pom poms) is done! I love it. I'm gonna pop on some Dr. Who soon and knit me up two feet or so of a 3 st I-cord. Thankfully I decided not to drink tonight. hahahaha. But it was so hard to not knit Thursday night... Thank goodness for Kyle. :)

Pictures forthcoming.

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