Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shoes and Juice

It’s been fairly nice here in Ottawa. Not too hot, and not even cool at all. *shrug* That means that I’ve actually been knitting, but me being me, I have no photos of anything because I haven’t finished anything, nor do I really like progress pictures right now for some reason. I have been doing other things that did get photographed though.

I bought new shoes.

1930s Shoes-3

On sale at Sears. Now I need somewhere to wear them. Perhaps the theatre on Friday.

I have also been making Limeade Slushies.


Really easy to make, extremely tasty, and very easy to add something like vodka to.

-Cheers folks!



PS. Do you guys have a favourite juicing method? I just squeeze the limes with my hands, but a lot of juice gets on my hands and not in the glass.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


So here’s my list of knitted objects I’m currently working on:

1. Bridgewater. I just turned the first corner with the edging… only took two weeks to get there. Lots to do on it yet, but very excited to finally finish the big black monstrosity.

2. Green Cabled Sweater. Just picked it up after a long hiatus. Forgot how lovely the yarn is and how much I love cables. Just started the increases on the second sleeve.

3. Heelix socks. Basic stockinette with a heelix stripe. Plain knitting for when my brain can’t take anything else.

4. Boobholder for Jess. Malabrigo, instant win. Too hot to work on in this weather.

5. Log cabin blanket. Using up scraps of worsted weight yarn that I have kicking around in my stash. Too hot to work on.

6. Thrummed mittens. Because I’m a glutton for punishment apparently.

Someone save me from the heat. I’ll also take donations of beer.

-Cheers folks.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Randomly on a Friday

I think I just stole that title from the Yarn Harlot, but I’m okay with that, because not only is she brilliant, but she’s a Torontonian. Not that I’m condoning being from Toronto, instead I’m insinuating that she knows the heat we’re going through. Today it rained here in Ottawa. Thunder, lightening, the whole shbang! It’s nice. I’m actually wearing, get this, long pants. I know! Amazing. And, I cooked. On the stove. With the burner on.

Okay, I’m done with italics.

In any case, not only did I go to Ikea today (beer mugs, tea cup and saucer where the cup holds 17oz, plates, a shelf, and two hot dogs), but I also made my way down to the Ottawa Folklore Centre. In the rain. On my bike. It was pretty spiffy. I finally got around to getting a shoulder rest (my posture and wrist are thanking me already), and some music. Me being brilliant, when I asked my parents to bring me up my trumpet and my violin, I forgot to ask for music as well. Durrrrr.

Then not to be out-done, my culinary side went “Hey Gwen, it’s not sweltering, I mean look at you, you’re wearing pants. Maybe that means we can cook. I mean, come on, a girl can only live on salad fruit and bread alone for a little while… you’re overdue for some food. Real food. Cooked food.”


Of course this didn’t mean beans or soup, or even meat and potatoes. No. This meant I needed something I hadn’t had in a while, something sweet and tasty, and not hard to make really. Crepes. One of my housemates used to look at me like I had three heads and an extra arm when I asked her if she’d help me eat crepes if I made a batch. “Seriously, do you need to ask?”


Who can say no to their awesome-ness? Not me. I made a batch of eight. One didn’t make it past the fourth time batter went into the pan. “I have to make sure that they’re alright.” Four are currently in the fridge waiting for tomorrow’s breakfast, and three are in my belly, with a messy plate sitting on my table. Wildberry jam, chocolate sauce, and syrup. There would have been bananas too had I actually been thinking before hand. And I just remembered that I have strawberries and blueberries in my freezer. Drat! That would have been tasty too.

In other news, I’ve got two tomatoes growing on my patio.

Tomato plant-1

Just the two right now, but I’m happy. Can’t wait for fresh tomatoes for sandwiches, bruschetta, and eating like apples because I do love tomatoes.

-Cheers folks!