Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shoes and Juice

It’s been fairly nice here in Ottawa. Not too hot, and not even cool at all. *shrug* That means that I’ve actually been knitting, but me being me, I have no photos of anything because I haven’t finished anything, nor do I really like progress pictures right now for some reason. I have been doing other things that did get photographed though.

I bought new shoes.

1930s Shoes-3

On sale at Sears. Now I need somewhere to wear them. Perhaps the theatre on Friday.

I have also been making Limeade Slushies.


Really easy to make, extremely tasty, and very easy to add something like vodka to.

-Cheers folks!



PS. Do you guys have a favourite juicing method? I just squeeze the limes with my hands, but a lot of juice gets on my hands and not in the glass.

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