Monday, June 11, 2007


so, im just realizing how much money im spending on wool. *jaw falls to the floor* first time i spent $25, then had to go back and buy another color, spent $12, and today i had to go buy even more cause i had run out of purple and was low on blue, another $25. So, if ya do the math, thats $62 on wool. cheap wool too, not expensive at gonna go broke. Good thing I have two jobs, live at home, and never spend money!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Camp is great for knitting

so, I went camping with my brownies this past weekend, and although I missed going in town to knit in public, I still did it at camp. and got quite a bit done of my bag too. I probably only spent like two hours or so on it, and im amazed at the amount of work I got done.

Oh, and another thing, I definately misread (didnt read) the size of the skene that they were using in the pattern. so the balls i bought were half the size as what i needed, so I only have like half the amount of wool that I need. I've already run out of purple. and i think Ill need more of the blue aswell. this will teach me to read the pattern WELL next time.

just workin on the strap now. Well, I would be if I had purple wool :S

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Loop craft cafe

yay, went down to the Loop on Barrington today before my lab, and got some real wool. :D yay! I'm using Freedom wool, and yes, the laptop bag has fallen under the radar and I just want to knit this purse from SnB and felt it! just to see how it is.

detail of the herringbone pattern.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

laptop case

so, another project started because I'm yet again bored.

I was looking through my uber awesome Stitch N' Bitch Nation book, and came across the horizontal herringbone pattern included in the Candy Stripers bag pattern. Originally I was going to knit the messenger bag, but I don't have real wool on hand (only have acrylic) and it wont felt. So after getting the hang of the herringbone pattern I tore my hour of work apart and began to think.

I had already made an awesome sleeve for my latop in Feb out of brown and pink polka dot and also pink fuzzy zebra materials, but that soon got left in my room as I grew tired of it. So I thought about my pattern made out of a single strand of green Phentex "Chunky" and realised that if I double stranded it, it'd be thicker, and less strandy, and would make a great laptop bag.

So here I sit with 5 inches of 2.5" wide herringbone pattern, and an idea in my head. I'll keep the updates comming!

tis me!

So, my name's Gwen. Im seriously in a world of guys. I'm a student at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Halifax, Nova Scotia in their Audio Egineering program. That includes me and 10 guys, and my all male teachers.

I can't remember not being able to knit, my nanny taught me when I was so young, and the love of unwinding after a long day with knitting has never left me. I've knitted just about everything that can be thought of...maybe not completed them all, but I've started them. lol.

I currently still live at home, and try to knit as much as I can between jobs, school, and my lovely budgie Trillian (aka. Trill).