Sunday, June 10, 2007

Camp is great for knitting

so, I went camping with my brownies this past weekend, and although I missed going in town to knit in public, I still did it at camp. and got quite a bit done of my bag too. I probably only spent like two hours or so on it, and im amazed at the amount of work I got done.

Oh, and another thing, I definately misread (didnt read) the size of the skene that they were using in the pattern. so the balls i bought were half the size as what i needed, so I only have like half the amount of wool that I need. I've already run out of purple. and i think Ill need more of the blue aswell. this will teach me to read the pattern WELL next time.

just workin on the strap now. Well, I would be if I had purple wool :S

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