Monday, November 19, 2007

tear drop

Im now realising just how much fibre I have in my stash that is untouched. cascade220, merino dream, lion brand suede, red heart soft n goes on and on :(

makes me sad, but Ive just got so much stuff going on right now...

it will get all knit up


but im excited for battlestar thie saturday! and I got a new laptop! and I don't close for the next two saturdays at work. yay!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

cable sweater!

okay, its done! I just need to sew in the ends, and sew on the buttons. problem is I dont have a darning needle small enough to fit through the button holes. I might have to make one out of some relatively thin gauge beading wire. I'm excited, its super warm and super comfy! yay!

oh and I got some new pins. 5mm bamboo, <3 love them!

Update: whits mitts, one down one to go
paul's crochet'd toque, done
nanny's "my so called scarf with a keyhole", about half way done

Thursday, November 8, 2007

quick toque

I was bored, and the mittens fro mthe freedom wool got frogged. I took them out, and after about 30 minutes decided to make a toque, and was bored of knitting, so I grabbed a 10mm hook. Three hours of work later, I had a toque. It's awesome and was incredibly simple. Chunky warm, and took about 1.5 skeins. I'm happy and have photos to boot.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


so, yet again, I'm waiting for cascade tweed in black to come into the country at my LYS. I only need like one skein, but they don't have any and their supplier is kinda flighty and they never really know when they're going to get anything. I wanna finish my sweater, just have like 3/4 of a yoke to do, with button holes, and then sew on the awesome buttons and sew in the ends. I wanna finish it now!

I also finished Jack's toque. So now I have JAck and Emma's toques done, with about 40-50 grams of the Galway yarn left over. what to do with the remnants...

I started some mittens for me on 8mm needles with some verigated Freedom (Twilleys of Stamford) yarn, but I dont know if I like them. I'm just about done one mitten, but I'll prolly take it all out and make a toque. I <3 my toques. I just need to find a cool pattern, maybe a cable toque, I'm currently obsessed with cables.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


So I think that my cable sweater is breaking the $100 mark...eek! but thats okay, cause it is awesome, and I bought some awesome buttons that match both the black and the pink perfectly.

I also have started an entrelac toque made out of Cascade 220 The Heathers. the wool was on sale, and I just couldnt pass it up, even thought I have far too many projects on the go currently, and I have far too much wool, so much so that I dont know what to do with it all!

I haven't finished a project since my last post, but I have made progress on a few. Jack's toque is nearly done, just a few more decrease rows and weaving in the ends. Whitney's mittens have been started (cascade 109 tweed in pink). Linux scarf has had a few more rows added. Sweater has had the collar and one half of the yoke done (button side, working on button hole side now but I need more wool).

I also bought some 1/2" ribbon to use as my label base. Im gonna put my little initial logo on one side (outside of the item) and the date complted on the other (inside). I just need help to finalize the design of my logo. I'm far too chicken to do it on my own.

Speaking of Chikens, my budgie is chirping away down here in the basement. Hopefully the powere will go out tomorrow and I'll have an excuse to sit and knit for hours, rather than just sit and knit, trying not to work on the numerous school projects I should be doing.

oh well, s'all good.