Monday, April 28, 2008

All things knittery

Not much of any interest going on in the land of knitting. I finished the Star Blanket in time for the shower, but alas I didn't take any pictures of it. Oh well. I should be trying to get some of my WIP's and UFO's done before casting on another project, but it didn't quite work out like that. I cast on the Bayerische socks on Saturday. I'm using my L&V stuff and I'm quite pleased. It's coming out a tad "Navy Camo"-ish, which I'm not too fond of, but the stitch pattern is still coming through well, so I'm happy.

I'm also looking to cast on a sweater. I want a sort of man-ish sweater, but with cables. I've been looking at Durrow and I do like it, except for the whole having to seam lots of bits together. I hate seaming. I don't want to try to do my own pattern I know that for sure. And I think I'll use Cascade 220 as my weapon of choice. If I use a 5mm needle (or maybe I'll get myself a 4.5mm Addi) I can get a knitted fabric that has a nice drape. I'm going to see Kyle tomorrow, so maybe on my adventure I'll stop into the Loop and pick up some much needed supplies and finally use my 20% coupon.

Speaking of picking up much needed supplies, what do I actually need/want? Fiber for sure, new Addis, Cascade 220 for a sweater... I think that's it. Maybe I'll just sort of splurge and buy whatever is popping out at me. This is going to be an expensive visit to Halifax isn't it? But then again, I haven't bought yarn for a while. Not going to school 5 seconds from the store is a good thing I guess. :)

cheers all!

Music to My Ears

So It's about 1:30 am and I cannot sleep. Insomnia sucks arse. I stole this from a friend on facebook and did it there, but I decided to do it here to, BUT I'd use itunes rather than Windows Media Player. See how different the results are. Here we go.

001. put your music player on shuffle
002. for each question press the 'next' button to get your answer

If someone says 'Is that ok?' you say;
Don't Stop the Music (I do so love my music, if it were up to me, music would be everywhere at all times)

What would best describe your personality;
Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag (I'm a pigbag? wow, glad to think itunes thinks so highly of me, unless it means soccer fan, then yes, yes it's true.)

What do you like in a guy or girl;
Get My Drink On (so not true, I do not need to be drunk to like a guy, I just tend to ignore personal boundaries when I am matter who it is)
-Toby Keith

How do you feel today;
Doctor Who Theme (Yes, I'm feeling very Doctor Who-ish. I just watched ep4 like two hours ago and OMG!!!)
-Murray Gold

What is your life's purpose;
You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This (um, right, refer you to two questions back about drinking)
-Toby Keith

What is your motto;
Off The Hook (I am so going to start using the phrase EVERYWHERE now)
-Barenaked Ladies

What do your friends think of you;
Enlightenment (I give them or I need?)
-Malcolm Clark (Doctor Who old series)

What do you think of often;
You're The Top (oh and you so are! I miss musicals)
-Cole Porter

What do you think of your best friend;
Celebrity (I do so love them all far too much for my own good)
-Barenaked Ladies

What do you think of the person you like;
Lies (oh that does not bode well.)
-Glen Hansard

What is your life story;
I'm a Rover ("I'm a rover, seldom sober, I'm a rover of high degree, and when I'm drinking I'm always thinking, of how to gain my love's company." okay, that is true)
-Great Big Sea

What do you want to be when you grow up;
Champagne Supernova (dude, to be an alcoholic beverage AND a huge explosion, that would be OFF THE HOOK!)

What do you think when you see the person you like;
Jack Hinks (money galore? dress well? never cut short of a job? never married? Capper? Grog drinking hero? sure, we'll say that's true)
-Great Big Sea

How will you feel at your funeral;
Whatever (I'll be dead right?)

What will they play at your wedding;
As Lovers Go (awwwww, <3 I love that)
-Dashboard Confessionals

What is your hobby or interest;
Life, in a Nutshell (It's true, I live for life)
-Barenaked Ladies

What is your biggest fear;
What a Letdown (I do indeed fear being letdown)
-Barenaked Ladies

What is your biggest secret;
Sleep (yea....nearly 2am, I don't actually sleep. I'm a Vampire!!!! grrrr argh)
-Kimya Dawson

What do you think of your friends;
Madison Blues (GEORGE!!!! so good. i love my friends do death to be truthful)
-George Thorogood

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

itty bitty cutey wootey

Yea, so thats all of the baby talk that I can manage.

I finished an Elefante today. I made it out of sock yarn and a size 0 circular. Talk about tiny. I'm still working on the TARDIS, and the star blanket. Everything else has sort of fallen to the back burner. Including getting this blog to look good again. It is frustrating to no end!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


In my time avoiding job search, I have apparently decided to knit myself a boyfriend... in sock form. I'm working on the Boyfriend Sock from Slippedstitch. I love that it's a relatively simple pattern, but it still keeps my interest more so than the 2X2 rib sock that I had been working on. I'm liking it so far. I do have the heel turned but I took these pictures before I got around to that. I'm also intrigued by the figure 8 cast on. I like it and it's much simpler than a short row toe which although I like, I find that show rows just never quite work for me. No matter what way I do them. But the heel on the BF sock is working quite well, even though I should have done the purl side picking up of the wrapped sts differently, oh well. I likes it muchly.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

*insert drumroll here*

so I got the formatting thing down! I just changed where the pictures were located within the post itself, I'll just change the dimensions of the pictures in future posts so that they take up the entire width of the post so that it looks better.

I will get this blogging thing down eventually.

*does happy butt dance*

*insert sigh here*

oh dear. So I try, I try so hard. But nothing comes of it. I can't get the formatting to go right. nothing is working. The only thing that remotely worked was reverting Blogger back to classic templates in which I lost my widgets. And I'm a widget girl, I really really like my widgets. I don't want to loose them. I was able to fix the problem of the previous post appearing beside the photos from the current post with a strategically < /div >placed but still. It wasn't perfect. And I like my perfection. Oh, I just had an idea about trying to change where the pictures are located within the post, I wonder if that will work.....

*brain works overtime*

is it supposed to make that noise?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

omg! google UK!

omg, search "Adipose" on google UK and my blog is the last item on the first page. that rocks my handmade socks :D

anywho. quick update with pics and horrible formatting! I have no idea what is gone wrong, ayone have any tips on how to fix it and make the formatting work again? There is the adipose (love it), mosey (love them), star blanket (meh, take it or leave it), and the tardis (colorwork is my evil nemesis, but Laura is going to love it).

ahhh avoidance

So. I should be tweaking my resume and getting them out there so that I can get a job, But instead I'm listening to Rogue Traders (effin' amazing, find them) and Scissor Sisters (sooooo good). Either that or I'm knitting or watching Battlestar Galactica or Torchwood or Doctor Who. Life is currently grand, thats for sure, but I know the guilt will get to me at some point, just not right yet.


Tardis (acrylic but nice, colorwork is the villain)
Dalek (acrylic again, kinda in hibernation while I try to finish the Tardis)
Star Blanket (cotton, hibernation again)
Clapotis (taken off of the cirs due to lessening size since I'm on the decrease rows now)
Basic Rib Sock (hibernation due to complete lack of interest. I may frog the finished one and find a cool pattern like the Vinnlands)
Binary Bag (hibernation because I don't know what to do with it)
Uncle Argyle (hibernation, I may take it out and make a shrug out of the yarn instead)

in other news, I ordered the jacket :) I'm so excited. I also bought myself a new jacket from Firefly (the company not the show) It's an 07 Chilly. Zip off hood and sleeves. Super warm and thick. And an effing great pattern to boot. Green and brown coffee beans (or deer tracks lol) on a white background. It's so bright and I love it. Compliments well my Mocha Plaid Burton Rodeo jacket from the 05-06 season.

All's well!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

fo toe less

yes, because I am just that interesting. No picture updates.

got my 220 in the mail (yay) so im working on the second mosey and can not wait to finish it. but its not the only thing on the needles..... I've got a Dalek, a Tardis, a handspun scarf, basic rib socks, binary bag, clapotis, and a star shaped crocheted blanket for my new (and early) baby cousin. I also finished an adipose on sunday thanks to an awful cold that knocked me out for most of the weekend. along with taking out three quarters of the accounting department and a few of the engineers. But hey, I'm not complaining, I got alot of knitting done.

I need to start getting my name out there in the way of jobs. I really cant prolong the exposure to the "real world" any longer. well, as "real" as the music/theatre/film industry can be I guess.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

sickly death from nowhere

so im sick. i feel like crap, but that just gives me an excuse to sit in my room watching Dr.Who and Torchwood and BSG all the while knitting. :) i likes it. I'm working on an Adipose right now, and it look effing amazing. i love it. I also found out that John Barrowman (capt. Jack Harkness) is a fraking studio singer as well as a theatrical singer. I just got one of his albums and im in love. more so than I was before at least. thats just something that you dont see alot of nowadays, an actor that has a classic charm about him, and he can sing, and he can dance, and he makes every girl (and gay guy) swoon with just one look or one flash of a smile. and oh what a smile that is. *swoon*

on other news, I'm thinking about getting a nice dress jacket from ebay. I need other opinions. I love it because its plaid, but what do you all (I know at least someone reads my blogs) think of it?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

C is for cookie

cookie blitz with the district was tonight, so much fun. But I felt so very bad for the girls because it was raining.

I'm still waiting on the Cascade 220 from ebay so I can finish my Moseys. I cant wait to finish them. honestly I haven't been this excited about something knit in a looooong time. I'm still working on the binary bag, and its coming along nicely. I think I may frog back the flap I had made and put a zipper on it instead. It's not quite what I was looking for though....Hopefully I actually use this. It's far too awesome to not be used and oogled over.

I think my next project will be a tardis. Or I might wind up the stuff I got from L&V and make something. I'm not too sure about a shawl or a scarf, but I'm actually thinking mayyyybe some knee socks. But I need new sock needles...well, I want new sock needles. I love the bamboo, but I need the next size up (I only have size 1 right now in dpns and a 0 in a circ, need a 2 in dpns I think) It's pretty much an excuse to buy things. AND I have a 20% thing with my loop card. I'm going to go insane I know when I go to actually buy stuff, I should make a list before I go.

->size 2 bamboo sock needles
->top knot
->carded fiber
-> ::anything else?::

My family and I were talking about this couple we know that have a couple lamas and I really want to get the fiber. They're not doing anything with it right now, I'm sure that if I threw money at them they'd give me loads of raw fiber (considering that they do shear and keep the fiber, they just dont do anything with it) I just don't have any carding combs....but...Aunt Joan. Omg. brain wave. I know how to spin with the drop spindle but knowing how to prepare the raw fiber would be awesome. ooohh. this could be dangerous. *mischievous laughter*