Tuesday, April 1, 2008

C is for cookie

cookie blitz with the district was tonight, so much fun. But I felt so very bad for the girls because it was raining.

I'm still waiting on the Cascade 220 from ebay so I can finish my Moseys. I cant wait to finish them. honestly I haven't been this excited about something knit in a looooong time. I'm still working on the binary bag, and its coming along nicely. I think I may frog back the flap I had made and put a zipper on it instead. It's not quite what I was looking for though....Hopefully I actually use this. It's far too awesome to not be used and oogled over.

I think my next project will be a tardis. Or I might wind up the stuff I got from L&V and make something. I'm not too sure about a shawl or a scarf, but I'm actually thinking mayyyybe some knee socks. But I need new sock needles...well, I want new sock needles. I love the bamboo, but I need the next size up (I only have size 1 right now in dpns and a 0 in a circ, need a 2 in dpns I think) It's pretty much an excuse to buy things. AND I have a 20% thing with my loop card. I'm going to go insane I know when I go to actually buy stuff, I should make a list before I go.

->size 2 bamboo sock needles
->top knot
->carded fiber
-> ::anything else?::

My family and I were talking about this couple we know that have a couple lamas and I really want to get the fiber. They're not doing anything with it right now, I'm sure that if I threw money at them they'd give me loads of raw fiber (considering that they do shear and keep the fiber, they just dont do anything with it) I just don't have any carding combs....but...Aunt Joan. Omg. brain wave. I know how to spin with the drop spindle but knowing how to prepare the raw fiber would be awesome. ooohh. this could be dangerous. *mischievous laughter*

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