Monday, April 28, 2008

Music to My Ears

So It's about 1:30 am and I cannot sleep. Insomnia sucks arse. I stole this from a friend on facebook and did it there, but I decided to do it here to, BUT I'd use itunes rather than Windows Media Player. See how different the results are. Here we go.

001. put your music player on shuffle
002. for each question press the 'next' button to get your answer

If someone says 'Is that ok?' you say;
Don't Stop the Music (I do so love my music, if it were up to me, music would be everywhere at all times)

What would best describe your personality;
Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag (I'm a pigbag? wow, glad to think itunes thinks so highly of me, unless it means soccer fan, then yes, yes it's true.)

What do you like in a guy or girl;
Get My Drink On (so not true, I do not need to be drunk to like a guy, I just tend to ignore personal boundaries when I am matter who it is)
-Toby Keith

How do you feel today;
Doctor Who Theme (Yes, I'm feeling very Doctor Who-ish. I just watched ep4 like two hours ago and OMG!!!)
-Murray Gold

What is your life's purpose;
You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This (um, right, refer you to two questions back about drinking)
-Toby Keith

What is your motto;
Off The Hook (I am so going to start using the phrase EVERYWHERE now)
-Barenaked Ladies

What do your friends think of you;
Enlightenment (I give them or I need?)
-Malcolm Clark (Doctor Who old series)

What do you think of often;
You're The Top (oh and you so are! I miss musicals)
-Cole Porter

What do you think of your best friend;
Celebrity (I do so love them all far too much for my own good)
-Barenaked Ladies

What do you think of the person you like;
Lies (oh that does not bode well.)
-Glen Hansard

What is your life story;
I'm a Rover ("I'm a rover, seldom sober, I'm a rover of high degree, and when I'm drinking I'm always thinking, of how to gain my love's company." okay, that is true)
-Great Big Sea

What do you want to be when you grow up;
Champagne Supernova (dude, to be an alcoholic beverage AND a huge explosion, that would be OFF THE HOOK!)

What do you think when you see the person you like;
Jack Hinks (money galore? dress well? never cut short of a job? never married? Capper? Grog drinking hero? sure, we'll say that's true)
-Great Big Sea

How will you feel at your funeral;
Whatever (I'll be dead right?)

What will they play at your wedding;
As Lovers Go (awwwww, <3 I love that)
-Dashboard Confessionals

What is your hobby or interest;
Life, in a Nutshell (It's true, I live for life)
-Barenaked Ladies

What is your biggest fear;
What a Letdown (I do indeed fear being letdown)
-Barenaked Ladies

What is your biggest secret;
Sleep (yea....nearly 2am, I don't actually sleep. I'm a Vampire!!!! grrrr argh)
-Kimya Dawson

What do you think of your friends;
Madison Blues (GEORGE!!!! so good. i love my friends do death to be truthful)
-George Thorogood

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