Monday, April 28, 2008

All things knittery

Not much of any interest going on in the land of knitting. I finished the Star Blanket in time for the shower, but alas I didn't take any pictures of it. Oh well. I should be trying to get some of my WIP's and UFO's done before casting on another project, but it didn't quite work out like that. I cast on the Bayerische socks on Saturday. I'm using my L&V stuff and I'm quite pleased. It's coming out a tad "Navy Camo"-ish, which I'm not too fond of, but the stitch pattern is still coming through well, so I'm happy.

I'm also looking to cast on a sweater. I want a sort of man-ish sweater, but with cables. I've been looking at Durrow and I do like it, except for the whole having to seam lots of bits together. I hate seaming. I don't want to try to do my own pattern I know that for sure. And I think I'll use Cascade 220 as my weapon of choice. If I use a 5mm needle (or maybe I'll get myself a 4.5mm Addi) I can get a knitted fabric that has a nice drape. I'm going to see Kyle tomorrow, so maybe on my adventure I'll stop into the Loop and pick up some much needed supplies and finally use my 20% coupon.

Speaking of picking up much needed supplies, what do I actually need/want? Fiber for sure, new Addis, Cascade 220 for a sweater... I think that's it. Maybe I'll just sort of splurge and buy whatever is popping out at me. This is going to be an expensive visit to Halifax isn't it? But then again, I haven't bought yarn for a while. Not going to school 5 seconds from the store is a good thing I guess. :)

cheers all!


Alyssa said...

I think its funny how now that the warmer weather is coming I REALLY want to knit sweaters.

theaudiochick said...

I know! it's insane the way a knitter's mind work eh?