Friday, May 2, 2008

Drinking + Knitting = ?

so yea, Wednesday I had a couple coolers with the guys I graduated with, came home with my brother (who had just gotten off of work) around 9, and then proceeded to go onto Facebook, and Ravelry and the L&V messageboards and made a complete fool of myself *sigh* It was bad. I also apparently and amazingly turned the heel on Blink, my bayerische (so spelled that wrong) sock. But it is quite pretty.
I hate that the angles makes my ankle look so fat, and my feet so short... Size 10 double A width, not size 5 D. lol But the cables are so pretty!

In cast on news, I also did a gauge swatch for a sweater out of Cascade 220, and it worked, so I cast on a sweater. Don't you just love 3 inches of 4X2 ribbing?

I'm going to model it after Durrow, which I absolutely love. I started with 144 sts rather than like 180, and I'm also going to do it in the round with.....*thunderous music* seamless saddle shoulders! It requires the acquisition of a book, which I can't find at any of the local bookstores, but the trusty library has one copy, so I should be good.

OMG. I totally just had an "omg it's Friday!" moment. That means Battlestar Galactica! YAY! *off to go find the episode*



Alyssa said...

I drink and knit. Its usually ok and if its not I can always rip back. I try not to drink and type because there's really no ripping back in messaging.

I'm sure you didn't make that big of an ass of yourself.

Cali said...

I think I tried to knit and drink once... didn't go so well

I have facebooked and drank before. Ended up talking too much... spilling my heart out. lol funny that drinking can do that to you