Friday, May 9, 2008

*insert various filthy words here*

so, I changed the template for my blog, and I love it. BUT I can't get the header to align with the body. Or vice versa, not sure which is wrong. I'll try again tomorrow but right now I'm kinda tired.

In employment news, I had a meeting at Tour Tech East today, and it went awesome. I also got contact info for the Iatse 680 union, which would give me many many opportunities for work. I just need to find women's size ten steel toed work boots at a decent price. Something is telling me that I'm going to have to drop a shit load of money to get boots to fit me. Damn being a female sometimes. But the guy I had the interview with said that there are way more opportunities for females in the industry than there are for males just because of the ratio of females to males, so yay!

knitting news: sweater out of 220 is awesome. I've got almost 12 inches of the body done, and I've already seperated it for the placket . Seeds and buttons (the sweater for Dot and Chris's baby) has the body done, and the sleeves, and they're all now in the round together. I didn't follow the pattern for attaching them, so I don't know how it'll turn out. hopefully it'll be wearable.

And now for ideas for the LAVWTKIP Day (Lime And Violet World Tour Knit in Public Day)! How and when did you know that you were addicted? Was it when you found yourself drooling at an LYS? When you waited with baited breath for your next paycheck so you could fill you paypal account and check out your cart before someone stole that skein of handpainted whatever from you? Or was it when you got a shipment in the mail that you instantly ripped open, threw on the floor and then proceeded to roll around in it screaming "My friends are here! My friends are here!"

-cheers and happy knitting!

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