Sunday, May 11, 2008

oooohhhhh baby

This week has been amazing. Minus the fact that I'm not--never mind, TMI.

So, heres the list of amazing things that happened to me this week:

1) Got new dress pants that make my ass look super sexy and a new tank top that makes my boobs look amazing.
2) Interview at Tour Tech East, where my name is on the list, and I got contact info for Iatse which is the local union for gigs and such.
3) Work on my sweater has been going great
4) V sent me a podcast to edit which I am currently half way done (those girls talk too much)
5) Got new dress shoes that are flat and semi casual. And comfortable.
6) Finished the Guacamole Seeds baby sweater that I had been working on, and it looks great.
7) Went through my stash and am giving nearly all of my acrylic ends to my Nanny who knits up finger puppets for the local children's hospital.
8) Taught mom how to use my PSP to surf the internet so she can send emails easily while down in Nashville.
9) Drove with mom, not far, but still, I drove with her in the car and she didn't freak out.
10) Mail! I got my tribal captive hoops. Sucks that I didn't realize that they're a ten gauge, but still.
11) Ravelry has a store! I bought shot glasses and the logo pin for my camp hat.
12) I got two Cinnabons! Yummy
13) Got a new CD (thanks Michael, I'm defiantly addicted to Creature now.)
14) Talked to my friend who moved to Fort Mac Murray for a co-op term.
15) Devoured and entire bag of Smart Food popcorn (the white cheddar stuff)
16) Tried on a bikini I had from last year just for the hell of it. It looked great!
17) Got new gradual sunless tanning moisturizer, and it looks natural.
18) Bought new mascara and I love it.
19) I have been sleeping well, no matter what time I go to bed and wake up.
20) I have been in a great mood for the entire week.
21) I changed the template of my blog.
22) Got the new template for my blog to work.
23) Got the ad ons from my old template to work on my blog.

Obviously, this week rocks.

And now, for pictures of the aforementioned Guacamole Seeds Baby Sweater. I changed the way of doing the placket, instead of casting on the extra stitches and then sewing them down later, I just did K1front and back in the center 4 stitches. I then separated them, having the knit stitches for the front, and the new stitches for the back. It worked great and is also the method I used for my sweater.

The baby sweater, my legs, and my laptop in all their glory.

Detailed artsy shot of the neck detailing.

Yea, that's about as artsy as I get when it comes to taking pictures. Though I must say, my skills have gotten much much better. :)

-cheers and happy knitting! (and crafting)


Michael said...

Join me in the sub-desk club and be ready to dance!

My Darn Yarn said...

So cute! I LOOOOOVE it!
BTW, what are you not--- I mean, come on, there is no such thing as TMI for a LnV-er.
Anywho, sounds like you had a good week!

theaudiochick said...

you really want to know eh? well. I'm not getting any. that's it.