Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm just here to b!tch and complain right now

Nothing new and interesting really. I've been spinning up the Silver Romney, love it. I did about 110 yards of a single that was somewhere between heavy fingering and light sport weight. I haven't touched any of the other fiber yet except to fondle. I was at the Loop Wednesday and bought some stuff for the single's swap and I also got a top knot. I love it, It's a base of black with bright pink and a light blue and a few strands of red, yellow, green, and turquoise. I'm spinning it up at something like a fingering weight. I'm excited. I think I'll kool-aid dye my other handspun that will come along eventually and do up a Shawl. Or maybe a lap blanket. I don't know and It is apparently very hard to type, and not only am I sober, I am non-medicated.

I cast on a lace shawl, Adamas. I love it. It is being called my Battleshawl Galactica because the yarn (from darling Miss Violet) reminds me of Battlestar, and the name of the pattern is the name of two of the characters. Three if you include the dead brother. Four if you include the dead ex-wife.

I frogged Blink. Love the pattern but the yarn just wasn't showing the stitch patterns and cables enough for my liking. I'm going to frog the binary bag because I will never use it. I might make a pillow instead because the yarn is really soft but too chunky for a sweater. Maybe I'll make a shawl. I like the idea of a shawl right now.

I got my order in from Ravelry. Shot glasses and a pin. My camphat is far too full. I think I might go out and get a new one so that I can have my "around camp" camp hat that has actual pins on it, and then have my "campfire only" hat that has my camphat crafts on it. I'm sure that made no sense to anyone who isn't familiar with guiding. But I'm far too tired and bleary to explain.

Oh by the way. I'm sick. I'm achey and sore. I'm coughing. I'm not happy. I hate all healthy people.


Michael said...

All I can think of it BSG when I see that shawl.

Alyssa said...

Feel better.