Friday, July 31, 2009

212. My Mac


I had been thinking about getting myself a Mac for a while now. As much as I love my dear HP laptop, it’s not a Mac. Being in the industry I’m in and not having a Mac is kind of… insane. So I kept checking on places like Craigslist and Kijiji to try to find a used Mac that someone locally was selling. I eventually stumbled upon UsedOttawa by reference from a friend, and today was lovely. The first post I saw in the morning was for a PowerBookG4. Not top of the line by any means, but still not shabby. The specs are good, I’m just having an issue trying to get onto the internets. But I’ll get it all sorted out, I think right now it’s a PEBKAC* error. I’m just too excited for straight thinking. In fact, I think I’m going to go play more and transfer more files over to my darling Mac.

-Cheers folks!

*Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair

Thursday, July 30, 2009

211. My Generosity


I finished knitting an ipod cozy for one of my coworkers yesterday. I had started them intending to be Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang, but he liked the colors and the pattern, so I changed it by just knitting it a little longer and then grafting to top together. He’s happy to have a case for his ipod and I’m happy to have finished something. I also knit a Boo for my other coworker. I had forgotten that anything miniaturized = cute. I did the bat out of the same yarns as I did the ipod cozy out of, the body is green with black wings. I’m still working on the Clapotis, and the Lizard Ridge block, and the Laminaria… I like to have options.

-Cheers folks!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

210. My Buttons


I have a stash of buttons from not only working retail, but from sewing and knitting and being an all around crafty person. This little jar has come in handy on numerous occasions. Like making something for someone and requiring a single button. Unfortunately I don’t have 5 big black buttons to use on my Old Man Sweater which is just waiting on yarn to finish the last button band and buttons.  I’m thinking that I’ll search etsy and find some good ones, and some backing buttons too. I’m still not sure. Once I see something, it’ll all be great. That’s the way it works.

I had been working on a pair of Endpaper Mitts (the ones by Eunny Jang that are amazing), but one of my coworkers had wanted an ipod sock for a classic ipod. Easy peasy! Knit the pattern until it’s long enough then graft the ends. I finished it today. Started it yesterday. Feels good to finish something.

-Cheers folks!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

209. My Clamation

I spent a little while today working on a clamation video. It’s really simple, just something to show the kids how clamation works. And a reason to play with my tripod. And the 2 second delay on my camera. I can’t wait till the remote I bought comes in the mail. I’m really excited. Anyways. It’s not even ten after 4 and all the kids are gone. I like this. Knit night is tonight, so I’ll go home, grab some food, put my knitting together (and figure out what I want to take), then I’m off! I’m excited.

-Cheers folks!

Monday, July 27, 2009

208. My Chair

July 27

I have a butterfly chair right under my window. It’s one of those canvas camp chairs, and I love it. I can’t easily sit in it due to there really not being enough room for it to completely expand. I currently have one shawl on it, and my incomplete Lizard Ridge blanket. I need probably half a block to finish, I’ve already got one half done, so I just need to finish that. Then I need to figure out what to do for the edging. I also need to really block it. I need to soak each block, and pin them down. That means I need to rip the seaming. But that’s okay because somehow, I like mattress stitch. I don’t understand seeing as I hate finishing, and seaming is finishing. In any case, it’s almost done. I can taste it, which isn’t a great thing considering the heat. It’s not even the heat! It’s the humidity. I don’t do humidity. I’m from Nova Scotia. We have cold winters and hot (two week) summers. Here it’s been raining every day, making the humidity unbearable. I need a good big storm to get rid of this. At least, that’s what would take care of it back East… I somehow think that wouldn’t work here. Damn.

-Cheers folks!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

207. My Serenity

July 26

I sat out twice in public today knitting. The first time was an hour with my nose in my shawl at a Second Cup right downtown in the middle of the afternoon. The second time was out at the park by the river in the evening with my Clapotis. I didn’t get too much done on either because A) the shawl’s rows are getting longer and they require a fair bit of attention and B) it got chilly down by the river really quick once the sun went down behind the trees and houses. I did get more looks out at the park, but that might have been because I was knitting with my head up, not down in my work. I had one lady who stared at me the entire time as she was walking past. When I decided that the bugs were getting too bad and I was getting too chilled, I gave up and jumped on my bike to go further down the river. It was absolutely beautiful. Really made me want to get out on the water.

Serenity Dad, bring the canoe. I’ll have a meatloaf waiting for you.

-Cheers folks!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

206. My Hobby Again

July 25

I’m getting back into spinning again after quite the hiatus. I’ve still got some Merino from Miss Violet on my stone whorled spindle, but on my cheaper (and lighter) spindle I started some Merino-Silk that I got last summer from a Swap I did on Rav. I spun up about half of it back when I got it, but I found it incredibly sticky. I would spin for an hour, and then I’d be inhaling merino and silk for hours. It was not pleasant. But I’m finding it better now. Maybe it’s the humidity here.

Supper was amazing. I made meatloaf. I’m not talking out of the box and into the oven meatloaf, I’m talking chop the red onion and garlic, crush crackers, add an egg, salt, pepper, and a bit of cumin. Mix with hands. I have no qualms with getting dirty when I’m cooking. The only meat I don’t like handling with bare skin is chicken, but that’s because I get scared of cross contamination, and wash my hands with scalding water and lots of soap. I know ground beef is bad too, but it doesn’t play on my mind as much. I still wash well though, don’t worry. But yes, meatloaf. Mmmmm. I also cooked up a bunch of white potatoes, mashed them with a fork and a whisk, heated a can of corn, sat down and feasted. I had so much food, and I’ve got so much left over. I put a container in the freezer because I don’t think that I’d be able to eat THREE FULL DINNERS of meatloaf with the fixings in a decent amount of time. I also have a good sized container of just meat. I love leftovers, when I cook it had better make at least 3 dishes, or it’s just not worth it for most stuff. I think tomorrow I will go to the market and get some corn on the cob. I had planned on doing it today, but I got to talking to a friend about food and then said meatloaf and my mind was set. I also want to bake, but the initial buying of the flour, sugar, and everything else is expensive. That house I talked about yesterday with the porch and the room with my yarn and stuff, will also have a huge kitchen. A real big one with an island.

-Cheers folks!

PS. To my family who reads this: Yes I said onions in the meatloaf. I’m not sick, I’m not ill. I like red onions when they are cooked well. Meatloaf, meatballs, sauteed. Anything that makes them sweet like they do when cooked through.

PPS. Nanny I need your Sweet and Sour Meatball recipe! I’m on a cooking spree!

Friday, July 24, 2009

205. My New Organization System

July 24Travel bags for make up, bras and undies? Nope. A bag for my circular needles and another notions bag. I went out this evening, and on my journey I saw these little bags in red, blue and orange. Considering they were 49 cents each, I couldn’t pass it up. I also got some nice glasses that were 30% off. Gotta love sales.

I also cut my steek today! It was terrifying, but it worked well. I’m done the straight section on one of the button side of the button bands. I might actually finish this thing tomorrow. Then I need to find somewhere to block it. I might end up putting a towel over my drying rack and using that if worse comes to worse. I can’t wait to get an area that I can designate “crafts”. That’s my dream. Storage boxes, and shelves, and bins, and tables, and all kinds of that great stuff. Mmmmmm.

-Cheers folks!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

204. My Set up Steeks

July 23

See that? That’s the beginning of the most terrifying thing that a knitter can do. Lace might be scary, but you can frog and tink, and try again. Cables might be daunting, but the same thing goes for them, frog and tink. A new pattern? Frog and tink.

I’ve got a steek set up. What’s a steek? In essence, it’s cutting your knitting. Not just trimming the ends, or anything like that, but I’m talking cutting it like a piece of fabric. And not just a couple rows for me, it’s the entire front of my Old Man Sweater. I’m terrified, but my dear friend Michael is helping me keep my sanity. He has steeked before, but he’s braver than I am. I still can’t believe that I’m going to take scissors to my knitting. Am I crazy?

The picture is sort of dark, and that’s because my night was…interesting. I had found out that there was a Zellers just on the other side of the Canal, about a ten minute walk, so I was going to go get a laundry basket so I could stop using my rubbermaid tub which is hard to carry. Well, as I was walking to the cash with my laundry basket (and a pack of straight pins for blocking), the fire alarm went off. Not even kidding. The store was closing at 7, and it was 6:40. Long story short, I stood outside chatting with one of the sales girls who I had laughed with two days before when the lady in of me in line, tried to go over her head to buy something that wasn’t for sale by saying she would go to customer service when the girl had just called the store manager. She was apologetic, but I had worked retail, so we shared horror stories. Long story short, there were fire trucks, but nothing more exciting, and I didn’t end up getting my laundry basket. Another night of doing laundry with a rubbermaid tub. It’s not fun.

-Cheers folks!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

203. My Mail

July 22

I told you about my mail yesterday, well this is the loot. I love it all. I think I might try to make a kerchief out of the Aracuania, but I’ll need something to go with it. I also need to finish the other bazillion projects I’ve got going on. The plate is awesome, I love my little octopus. I’ve got sticky notes and a note pad, which is great for me who loves sticky notes and note pads. The almond thins look tasty, I bet they’ll go great with a cup of tea. My Jayne Hat is on the chain on my door, I can’t wait to get my own place so I can actually display it on my fridge. Everything is amazing.

On a side note I have the reinforcements in place for my sweater. I’m actually not really scared right now of the steek. I’m more excited than anything.

-Cheers folks!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

202. My Forgetfullness


July 21ETA: Got my camera. Today’s picture is one of my co-workers being all “tough” while wrapped up in two blankets. One of which he wore as a cape for a fair bit of time. Thanks for being a good sport! 

My camera is at work. No picture today. I had to call “my buddy” at Multimedia who does the locking of doors to get him to close the door early, and in my haste to get out I forgot my camera. I also lost my train of thought about a million times today and had to have the kids remind me what I was talking about. It was bad. But! I did finish the yoke of my sweater. So that’s a plus.

-Cheers folks!

Monday, July 20, 2009

201. My Pizza

July 20 I got pizza for supper today from Boston Pizza. And that’s no small feat. The nearest BP is almost 5km away, so walking is a little out of the question, but biking, now there is something that is possible. So that’s what I did. I hopped on my bike after work, and went across the river, didn’t make the turn I should have, ended up at the old Lynx stadium, went back up to Montreal Road, back down to the St. Laurent place, then back up to Donald Street which is where I needed to be. I pretty much doubled my commute time. But in my defence, the street I was supposed to turn on wasn’t marked. I checked on my way back. The pizza was a little on the cooler side when I finally got around to eating it, but it was still amazing. Unfortunately I had worked so much that I ate the entire small pizza. No pizza for breakfast for me I guess.

-Cheers folks!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

200. My Hair

July 19

I don’t know if I mentioned or not, but last Saturday (not yesterday) I cut my own hair. It was just my bangs and it was just a straight across snip, but I did it myself. I didn’t need anything else done, just my bangs trimmed, and I didn’t want to go to a hair dresser for just that, so I took the plunge and did it myself. I’m really happy with the results. And the price, can’t beat free. Today I decided to let my hair go curly by not blow drying it. you can’t really see all that well from this photo, but look at the difference between today and July 11th. Quite the difference.

-Cheers folks!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

199. My Bike

July 18

Yesterday I said that I had been doing about a bazillion kilometers of walking, well that will all change now. I bought a bike today. It’s old, it’s a little rusty, one speed, back pedal brakes, but she’s mine and she’s beautiful. I got her second (maybe even third or fourth) hand at the Bike Dump on the other side of town. It was about a 45 minute walk to get there, but only a 20 minute bike ride to get back. The saddle is an old Brooks city cruiser. I haven’t been able to find the exact make or anything, but from what I’m seeing of Brooks, they make good stuff.

My Bike I don’t know the year of the bike, nor can I really find anything about the bike itself. I know that it’s a Unival bike, but I can’t seem to find out anything on the company. The paint is worn off in many places. The saddle leather is cracked in a couple places. One of the mud guards is a little bent. There are two different grips. But I love her. Her back tire is even white wall, it’s amazing.

Unival Logo She works wonderfully, it just takes a little getting used to the back pedal braking again. I haven’t had that type of braking since I had training wheels. I’d really like to make her look more aesthetically pleasing, but as she is now, I don’t think anyone would steal her. Where’s a good friend who knows a lot about bikes when I need them?

-Cheers folks!

PS. While I was in the park taking pictures of my bike (which needs a name), I turned around and saw this: Ottawa RiverIt’s not the girls that made me laugh, instead it was the picnic table. What is it doing out there? And when will I go by the park to see someone eating their lunch on it?

Friday, July 17, 2009

198. My Shoes

July 17

I love my shoes. I really do. As you can see my pink Airwalks are getting dirty, and I haven’t worn them in any kind of weather nor in any mud or dirt. That’s just daily wear on the city streets. My graffiti kicks are getting less wear, but they still get worn. I wore them today when I mailed my swap package off, then walked to go see about a bike (which had just been sold to another person. Le Sad), and when I found a bank to deposit my cheque at. I didn’t even deposit it at my bank, another institution that holds some link which allows me to do so with no fees. It’s awesome. My flip flops get less wear because if I’m going out, it’s usually for a goodly decent walk, so it’s a no on flip flops. My skate shoes get even less wear. They’re my “it’s icky out, I dont want to wear my canvas shoes” shoes. But then I also have my rain boots, they have been worn once when I went to the grocery store in the thunder and lightening. I wanted eggs and bacon but had neither, so yes, I’m crazy, but it was so worth it.

-Cheers folks!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

197. Cla-poo-tee

July 16

How ever it is that you pronounce it, the Calpotis by Kate Gilbert is amazing. I made one a few years ago out of some recycled sweater yarn, but I knew I could do better. Last night I cast on with some Fleece Artist seconds that I got in a really deep and dark colorway that has really rich jewel tones as well. The picture doesn’t really capture it too well, so I’ll try to get a better one tomorrow if the weather holds. I’ll also be sending out my swap package tomorrow. It’s all boxed up and ready to go, which made me really excited.

-Cheers folks!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

196. Bwak Bwak, Chicken!

July 15

I love to cook. I love to bake. I pretty much love anything to do with food. Tonight’s supper (and subsequently because I always cook more than enough to ensure leftovers, tomorrow’s lunch) was real easy, but tasted so darn good. Add margarine (or oil or butter, I used margarine because that’s all I had) to a pan over medium heat. Add two chopped cloves of garlic, allow to cook for a few minutes. Add sliced potatoes (I used canned because they’re cheap and super quick, no pealing involved). Add salt and pepper to taste. Dice two chicken breasts, add to oiled pan over medium-high heat, add salt and pepper to taste as well as the juice of half a lemon. Cook until about 90% done. While chicken is cooking, add veggies to potato pan (I used corn because I had corn on hand and love it. Also good is green beans or baby carrots). Add chicken to potato and veggie pan,  allow chicken to cook thoroughly. I got a big supper and a good sized lunch out of that, but it’s so simple to upsize or down size the meal to the number of servings you want.  Also good is omitting the lemon and adding lime instead along with chilli powder. Or try ginger. Anything is possible! I cook by the Kevin Smith rule: If you like it, add it, if you don’t like it, don’t add it. Throw things that you like together, who know’s what you’ll come up with.

-Cheers folks!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

195. Spiralling Out of Control

July 14

I love my new macro and close up lenses. Love love love them. That piece of wire is maybe ten gauge, and look at it! Love my lenses. I meant to take pictures of my sweater today, but I sat down to do some editing after I got home from work, and beyond running to Chapters around 7:30 to spend my gift card (which I did) I didn’t do anything else. I do have my sweater joined in the round now, with both sleeves in. That makes me very happy. I can see the end now, and I’m happy with the sweater so far, so it looks like I might actually have a piece of knitwear that’s a good size which I actually love. I’m just getting a little scared because it’s getting closer to the point in which I will have to steek. That scares me.

At Chapters I bought something for my swap partner, a cute set of note cards, and a book. The book is “31 Dream Street” by Lisa Jewell. I have no idea who the author is, I haven’t heard anything yay or nay about the book, it was cheap and a good size. And hard cover. I’m a sucker for hard cover books.

-Cheers folks!

Monday, July 13, 2009

194. I’m ready for my close up

July 13

I got a close up and macro lens kit that I ordered from ebay in the mail today. I love it. I was going to take a bunch of super detailed pictures of my shawl today, but when I sat down to do two rows, I ended up tinking half the first row three times before I threw it against a wall and gave up. So you’ll have to settle for the first picture I took when I put the macro lens on. I fell in love instantly. I can get so close to objects and have them in glorious focus. Artsy photos here I come. :D

-Cheers folks!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

193. Crisis Averted

Stay tuned for a picture of my shawl in progress. ETA! Got the picture up while the kidlets build Lego Robots. I'm very glad to have my camera cable back.

With the good luck of Michael on my side, I picked up my shawl again today. I tinked back a few more rows, 6 in total, about three hours work. That in itself took about an hour and a half. I didn’t place a lifeline, but I will be once I finish this transition chart. I’ve never used them before because tinking or even ripping at catching the stitches has never been a problem for me. But this I will. It’s actually lace weight yarn, it’s been well used, so its getting a little furry. Which is hard to tink and harder to pick up dropped stitches. I’m past the 3 into 9 row again, which was easier this time around. Things are going well. Knock on wood. Keep sending that good luck Michael!

-Cheers folks!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

192. I’m going to cry

No picture right now. I’ll post one on Monday when I get the cable back for my camera, so check back to see this space filled with a picture. ETA! Got the picture up while the kidlets are building Lego Robots. I love my job.

I went to a coffee shop this evening because I wanted to be around people and none of my roommates were home. I spent two hours there knitting and listening to podcasts. I was working on my Laminaria shawl, more specifically I was working on the transition chart. There are stitches in that chart which have you knit three together, and then knit 9 stitches into that. It’s hard, I kept making it too tight, and my needles aren’t pointy enough. I did it though. I came home and knit two more rows, and then I looked at the next row. There was a stitch that I had been doing on the previous four rows that came up…but the symbol was different. I had been doing k2togethers where there should have been k3togethers. I have to tink back 4 rows. Including the 3 into 9 row that took me over an hour.

I’m going to cry. That’s a lot of work down the drain because I copied down the chart and went out to knit. I can’t even look at the shawl right now.

-Cheers folks.

Friday, July 10, 2009

191. Bus Adventures

July 10

First off, sorry for the horrible webcam picture, I had to bring my camera cable in to work today to put the pictures I took during the week onto the computer there, and I forgot the cable at work. So there are no snazzy SLR photos this weekend. I might take Sunday off and do two on Monday, or I might not, we’ll see when it comes time.

Today I bussed it out to Ikea with a friend. The transit system is very nice, quick, not too expensive, and you get these fun little slips when you pay that are your transfers. No punched pieces of paper here. These ones have the time written on them in big letter as to when they expire. It was quite the trip, and we didn’t take a bus right to the mall, just about a ten minute walk away. That way we didn’t have to transfer, which I was okay with especially since it was my first bus trip in the city. Now that I know how things work, I’m less afraid to take transit, so I can go where ever I want. No need to think “Can I walk there?”. It’s a good feeling. At Ikea I got a set of knives (we have no good ones in this house, nor do we even have a bread knife, so I solved that problem), I got napkins that are awesome, and I got a class container to put cereal in. I’ve got my knock-off Lucky Charms in it now. I think I did well.

-Cheers folks!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

190. Knitting while Lunching

July 9

When it’s nice out we take the kids across the street to the green space in front of one of the University’s many buildings. It was nice today, so we took the kids out. I cast on Laminaria in the morning while they were building robot Bionicles to make a stop motion move with, so I brought it along with me. I’m finding that the Hiya Hiya bamboo needles aren’t quite pointy enough for easy lace knitting, but it still works. I might see if I can find someone selling a 3.5mm Addi Lace needle (24” or 32”, I’m not picky, but not 40”) on Ravelry. The LYS I was at didn’t have any Addi’s that I saw, and if it’s not Addi, I like bamboo, so that’s a problem. I haven’t made it to the other LYS that I know of in Ottawa, it’s a fair bit farther, more of a full Saturday on the town event. Maybe next week. My friend and I are going to Ikea this weekend. Mmmmm, Ikea.

-Cheers folks!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

189. New City, New Yarns

July 8

I can’t show all of my acquisitions today, but I can show some. The reason I can’t show them all is because I bought some yarn for my swap partner. Today’s picture is some Katia “Jamaica” cotton yarn in worsted weight and awesome colors. No idea what I’ll do with it, but it’s about 100grams and 220 yards. Any ideas? Please don’t say dishcloths. I have plenty of them, and do not need any more.

Online BlueI bought sock yarn. It was 25% off, how could I say no? Plus the girl who was working at the shop was amazing. We talked about Ottawa VS East Coast the entire time. I love the blues and greens stranded with the black. It’s me, in a yarn. How can I not love this?

Louet I also bought a bit of roving. It was a sampler pack from Louette. Like I need more roving (I don’t), but I waaaaaaanted it. It’s so gorgeous. Four bags, 1 oz each or Superwash Merino, Organic Fiber (what fibre though, I do not know), Fuchsia, and Rainbow.

Louet Rainbow I might spin up the Rainbow and one of the undyed then ply them together. I think it’d be neat. I’m really into stranding right now and I have no idea why. Or I might ply it with the Fuchsia. We shall see when I start spinning again. Ohhhhhh, I have to mention that the LYS I went to tonight has spinning wheels. They are everywhere. It is dangerous, I might buy one if I’m not careful. I can’t buy one. That’d be like a rent payment. I can’t do that. I really can’t do that.

I also bought a set of circular needles so I can start my very own Laminaria. I’m frogging my Whisper Cardigan. I don’t think that I’d have enough Malabrigo Lace, so I’ll do a shawlette. I’m excited. It’s been a while since I did anything requiring attention to lace, plus it’ll be light and airy. My first Lace weight shawl. I’m excited. Plus it will mean I have more things on the needles. Apparently I get frazzled when I only have two things on the needles, weird, but true.

-Cheers folks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

188. Seriously, this is work

July 7

So I spent most of this afternoon making a knitting guy out of clay. He has a wire body reinforced with tin foil, with clay on top. He’s not the greatest, but I made him while working. Working with kids none the less. Tomorrow is Lego Robot day. I’m excited for that, but it’s not the traditional Lego brick robots, it’s the motorized, computerized, un-swallowableized versions of Lego. Still fun, but not as fun as the classic stuff. Except these robots you can make do anything. They have light, sound, touch, and ultra-sonic sensors. They’re really cool. I’m excited. I think it’ll be a comfy pants day so that I can sit on the floor and just play with Lego.

I love my job. Sometimes the kids test my patience, but that’s okay because they’re kids. I can deal.

-Cheers folks!

Monday, July 6, 2009

187. I work at Geek Camp

July 6

MY summer job is quite literally at Geek Camp. We’re doing Flash Animation, Clamation, Stopmotion, Robotics, Game Design and more. It’s the most amazing job. I get to work with kids, and work in my industry. How could it be any better? Oh right, I could have some amazing co-workers. Which I do. Today was the first day with the kids, and it went great. Tomorrow should be even better. I’m excited. I’m also noticing how light my hair looks. I need to re-dye it, but I don’t want to do it here in our white bathroom or out white shower room. That would not be good. Oh well. Looks like I’m saving money and going blonde again. *sigh*

-Cheers folks!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

186. I don’t understand

July 5

Sorry about the horrible photo quality, but I left it a little late today. I took a bunch of pictures, downloaded them and promptly put my camera and my subject away. I didn’t realize until all of that was done that the photos were horrible. Sorry.

I’ve got a sleeve done. And the cuff on the second sleeve. I don’t understand how this is going so quickly. But it is. I’ll probably be wearing this by late July. And that include blocking time, button finding time, and finishing time. Insanity. I don’t understand.

-Cheers folks!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

185. Moon River

July 4

I’m still not feeling 100% yet. I’ve got a little bit of an appetite back today though, which is absolutely wonderful. But I’m still exhausted most of the time, probably due to the not eating well. I sat back on my bed tonight around 6:30 after texting a friend, I woke up at 9. I don’t nap. It’s is very unusual for me to sleep during the day, mainly because it usually takes me at least an hour to fall asleep at night, but apparently this bug has knocked me on my butt and forced me to catch up on all the sleep I missed while I was in College and High School. I’m not complaining, I do like sleeping, but I wish that I would sleep straight through the night rather than half of the day. Just my preference. When I woke up at 9, I looked out my window and saw the moon. It’s still hanging low outside my window, I’m not sure if it’s waxing or waning right now, but I hope it’s waxing so that I might get a shot of a full moon outside my window. I think that would be awesome.

Speaking of windows, I need curtains. The sun at 5am waking me up is getting old real quick.

-Cheers folks!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sneak Post!

Old Man Sweater 2

To make up for not having a post yesterday, today I bring you two posts! When I took today’s picture, I had about 6 inches done on sleeve number one. Well around 8:30 when I took this picture, I have up to my elbow. It’s insanity. I’ve never knit anything this quickly. Never. Especially not a sweater. Knitting a sweater even with chunky weight yarn on 5mm needles is insanity. I’m loving the way it’s feeling, and can’t wait to get it finished, or at least all joined together at the shoulders. I need to go button hunting at some point in time though. I have no idea where in this city to find buttons. I might have to make a trip to one of the LYS’s soon. I just wish it would stop raining. I really wish it would stop raining. I haven’t been on the public transit system here yet, and I’d really like to keep that for trips that are over 5km. Maybe 4km if it’s urgent and the weather isn’t good. I love the fact that I can walk anywhere I need to go, and it’s under 10 minutes. Back East I’d have about a 20 minute walk to the nearest grocery store. Here it’s a block and a half away. I see good eats in my future. :D

-Cheers folks!

184. Sweater Progress

July 2

I’m back, feeling much better, but still not 100%.

My Old Man Sweater is progressing nicely. The body is done, and I’m over 6 inches into the first sleeve. I love that it’s just a quick and mindless knit, the only thing that I’m not liking so far is the sleeve increases. They create a bump on the “seam”.

Old Man SweaterSee? I know it’s not the best picture, I took a bunch and then sat down. I’m not getting up again.  But there’s that little bump where the two stitches are made right next to each other. It kind of irks me, but I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t want to increase the number of stitches between the increases because that would make the increases themselves more noticeable. I don’t think you can see it so much when the seam is laid flat instead of folded, so I think I might be fine. We’ll see. I already frogged half a body once, so what’s a few inches of a sleeve?

-Cheers folks!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

183. Sick Day

On the advice of Michael, I’m taking a day off. I’m sick. Really sick. I slept most of the day after waking up at 3am feeling like a bag of you-know-what. I don’t know what it’s from, I don’t know if it was food or exhaustion, or what, but what I do know is that I feel horrible. So no picture today, I’ll try to make it up tomorrow if I’m feeling better. Here’s hoping.

-Cheers folks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

182. Happy Canada Day!

July 1

What did you do on Canada Day? I cooked brunch with the roomies as we drank Sambria. I went to Parliament and saw the motorcade of the Prime Minister and the Governor General. Then went to Major’s Hill Park where I did cart wheels and got my face painted. We also got rained on. Randomly, and a lot. Then we came home to make supper which was a hodge podge of perogies, wontons, pasta with cheese and Soy Beans. Oh, and a couple drinks. Then we went to Parliament Hill to see the concert. It was amazing. I can’t help but notice all the technical things that go on in a concert of that magnitude. I would have loved to have been right up there working alongside those people. Someday I will. I so will be there.

-Cheers folks! More pictures when I’m less tired and sunburnt. Ow.