Thursday, July 23, 2009

204. My Set up Steeks

July 23

See that? That’s the beginning of the most terrifying thing that a knitter can do. Lace might be scary, but you can frog and tink, and try again. Cables might be daunting, but the same thing goes for them, frog and tink. A new pattern? Frog and tink.

I’ve got a steek set up. What’s a steek? In essence, it’s cutting your knitting. Not just trimming the ends, or anything like that, but I’m talking cutting it like a piece of fabric. And not just a couple rows for me, it’s the entire front of my Old Man Sweater. I’m terrified, but my dear friend Michael is helping me keep my sanity. He has steeked before, but he’s braver than I am. I still can’t believe that I’m going to take scissors to my knitting. Am I crazy?

The picture is sort of dark, and that’s because my night was…interesting. I had found out that there was a Zellers just on the other side of the Canal, about a ten minute walk, so I was going to go get a laundry basket so I could stop using my rubbermaid tub which is hard to carry. Well, as I was walking to the cash with my laundry basket (and a pack of straight pins for blocking), the fire alarm went off. Not even kidding. The store was closing at 7, and it was 6:40. Long story short, I stood outside chatting with one of the sales girls who I had laughed with two days before when the lady in of me in line, tried to go over her head to buy something that wasn’t for sale by saying she would go to customer service when the girl had just called the store manager. She was apologetic, but I had worked retail, so we shared horror stories. Long story short, there were fire trucks, but nothing more exciting, and I didn’t end up getting my laundry basket. Another night of doing laundry with a rubbermaid tub. It’s not fun.

-Cheers folks!


slackermom said...

Congratulations on your first steek! Be sure to post a photo when it's all done. I really enjoy your blog!

Tallguy said...

Haha -- oh, steeks are fun! You survived, and so did the knitting. Nothing will go wrong with cutting knitting vertically -- it won't ravel for you. Nothing scary about it. You can do it -- we all have -- and you can do so many more interesting things now! Nothing will ever stop you again!