Friday, July 10, 2009

191. Bus Adventures

July 10

First off, sorry for the horrible webcam picture, I had to bring my camera cable in to work today to put the pictures I took during the week onto the computer there, and I forgot the cable at work. So there are no snazzy SLR photos this weekend. I might take Sunday off and do two on Monday, or I might not, we’ll see when it comes time.

Today I bussed it out to Ikea with a friend. The transit system is very nice, quick, not too expensive, and you get these fun little slips when you pay that are your transfers. No punched pieces of paper here. These ones have the time written on them in big letter as to when they expire. It was quite the trip, and we didn’t take a bus right to the mall, just about a ten minute walk away. That way we didn’t have to transfer, which I was okay with especially since it was my first bus trip in the city. Now that I know how things work, I’m less afraid to take transit, so I can go where ever I want. No need to think “Can I walk there?”. It’s a good feeling. At Ikea I got a set of knives (we have no good ones in this house, nor do we even have a bread knife, so I solved that problem), I got napkins that are awesome, and I got a class container to put cereal in. I’ve got my knock-off Lucky Charms in it now. I think I did well.

-Cheers folks!

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