Friday, July 24, 2009

205. My New Organization System

July 24Travel bags for make up, bras and undies? Nope. A bag for my circular needles and another notions bag. I went out this evening, and on my journey I saw these little bags in red, blue and orange. Considering they were 49 cents each, I couldn’t pass it up. I also got some nice glasses that were 30% off. Gotta love sales.

I also cut my steek today! It was terrifying, but it worked well. I’m done the straight section on one of the button side of the button bands. I might actually finish this thing tomorrow. Then I need to find somewhere to block it. I might end up putting a towel over my drying rack and using that if worse comes to worse. I can’t wait to get an area that I can designate “crafts”. That’s my dream. Storage boxes, and shelves, and bins, and tables, and all kinds of that great stuff. Mmmmmm.

-Cheers folks!

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