Saturday, July 11, 2009

192. I’m going to cry

No picture right now. I’ll post one on Monday when I get the cable back for my camera, so check back to see this space filled with a picture. ETA! Got the picture up while the kidlets are building Lego Robots. I love my job.

I went to a coffee shop this evening because I wanted to be around people and none of my roommates were home. I spent two hours there knitting and listening to podcasts. I was working on my Laminaria shawl, more specifically I was working on the transition chart. There are stitches in that chart which have you knit three together, and then knit 9 stitches into that. It’s hard, I kept making it too tight, and my needles aren’t pointy enough. I did it though. I came home and knit two more rows, and then I looked at the next row. There was a stitch that I had been doing on the previous four rows that came up…but the symbol was different. I had been doing k2togethers where there should have been k3togethers. I have to tink back 4 rows. Including the 3 into 9 row that took me over an hour.

I’m going to cry. That’s a lot of work down the drain because I copied down the chart and went out to knit. I can’t even look at the shawl right now.

-Cheers folks.

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Michael said...

Oh no! It'll be ok! Let the shawl sit until you have the patience to go back and fix it.