Wednesday, July 1, 2009

182. Happy Canada Day!

July 1

What did you do on Canada Day? I cooked brunch with the roomies as we drank Sambria. I went to Parliament and saw the motorcade of the Prime Minister and the Governor General. Then went to Major’s Hill Park where I did cart wheels and got my face painted. We also got rained on. Randomly, and a lot. Then we came home to make supper which was a hodge podge of perogies, wontons, pasta with cheese and Soy Beans. Oh, and a couple drinks. Then we went to Parliament Hill to see the concert. It was amazing. I can’t help but notice all the technical things that go on in a concert of that magnitude. I would have loved to have been right up there working alongside those people. Someday I will. I so will be there.

-Cheers folks! More pictures when I’m less tired and sunburnt. Ow.

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