Sunday, July 26, 2009

207. My Serenity

July 26

I sat out twice in public today knitting. The first time was an hour with my nose in my shawl at a Second Cup right downtown in the middle of the afternoon. The second time was out at the park by the river in the evening with my Clapotis. I didn’t get too much done on either because A) the shawl’s rows are getting longer and they require a fair bit of attention and B) it got chilly down by the river really quick once the sun went down behind the trees and houses. I did get more looks out at the park, but that might have been because I was knitting with my head up, not down in my work. I had one lady who stared at me the entire time as she was walking past. When I decided that the bugs were getting too bad and I was getting too chilled, I gave up and jumped on my bike to go further down the river. It was absolutely beautiful. Really made me want to get out on the water.

Serenity Dad, bring the canoe. I’ll have a meatloaf waiting for you.

-Cheers folks!

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