Saturday, July 18, 2009

199. My Bike

July 18

Yesterday I said that I had been doing about a bazillion kilometers of walking, well that will all change now. I bought a bike today. It’s old, it’s a little rusty, one speed, back pedal brakes, but she’s mine and she’s beautiful. I got her second (maybe even third or fourth) hand at the Bike Dump on the other side of town. It was about a 45 minute walk to get there, but only a 20 minute bike ride to get back. The saddle is an old Brooks city cruiser. I haven’t been able to find the exact make or anything, but from what I’m seeing of Brooks, they make good stuff.

My Bike I don’t know the year of the bike, nor can I really find anything about the bike itself. I know that it’s a Unival bike, but I can’t seem to find out anything on the company. The paint is worn off in many places. The saddle leather is cracked in a couple places. One of the mud guards is a little bent. There are two different grips. But I love her. Her back tire is even white wall, it’s amazing.

Unival Logo She works wonderfully, it just takes a little getting used to the back pedal braking again. I haven’t had that type of braking since I had training wheels. I’d really like to make her look more aesthetically pleasing, but as she is now, I don’t think anyone would steal her. Where’s a good friend who knows a lot about bikes when I need them?

-Cheers folks!

PS. While I was in the park taking pictures of my bike (which needs a name), I turned around and saw this: Ottawa RiverIt’s not the girls that made me laugh, instead it was the picnic table. What is it doing out there? And when will I go by the park to see someone eating their lunch on it?

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