Wednesday, July 22, 2009

203. My Mail

July 22

I told you about my mail yesterday, well this is the loot. I love it all. I think I might try to make a kerchief out of the Aracuania, but I’ll need something to go with it. I also need to finish the other bazillion projects I’ve got going on. The plate is awesome, I love my little octopus. I’ve got sticky notes and a note pad, which is great for me who loves sticky notes and note pads. The almond thins look tasty, I bet they’ll go great with a cup of tea. My Jayne Hat is on the chain on my door, I can’t wait to get my own place so I can actually display it on my fridge. Everything is amazing.

On a side note I have the reinforcements in place for my sweater. I’m actually not really scared right now of the steek. I’m more excited than anything.

-Cheers folks!


Michael said...

Alls I'm saying is that going ahead and putting in those reinforcements was a good baby step to take. ;)

Hattie said...

Super cute plate, my kids have some from that series, a frog and a monkey I think...