Sunday, July 12, 2009

193. Crisis Averted

Stay tuned for a picture of my shawl in progress. ETA! Got the picture up while the kidlets build Lego Robots. I'm very glad to have my camera cable back.

With the good luck of Michael on my side, I picked up my shawl again today. I tinked back a few more rows, 6 in total, about three hours work. That in itself took about an hour and a half. I didn’t place a lifeline, but I will be once I finish this transition chart. I’ve never used them before because tinking or even ripping at catching the stitches has never been a problem for me. But this I will. It’s actually lace weight yarn, it’s been well used, so its getting a little furry. Which is hard to tink and harder to pick up dropped stitches. I’m past the 3 into 9 row again, which was easier this time around. Things are going well. Knock on wood. Keep sending that good luck Michael!

-Cheers folks!

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