Wednesday, July 8, 2009

189. New City, New Yarns

July 8

I can’t show all of my acquisitions today, but I can show some. The reason I can’t show them all is because I bought some yarn for my swap partner. Today’s picture is some Katia “Jamaica” cotton yarn in worsted weight and awesome colors. No idea what I’ll do with it, but it’s about 100grams and 220 yards. Any ideas? Please don’t say dishcloths. I have plenty of them, and do not need any more.

Online BlueI bought sock yarn. It was 25% off, how could I say no? Plus the girl who was working at the shop was amazing. We talked about Ottawa VS East Coast the entire time. I love the blues and greens stranded with the black. It’s me, in a yarn. How can I not love this?

Louet I also bought a bit of roving. It was a sampler pack from Louette. Like I need more roving (I don’t), but I waaaaaaanted it. It’s so gorgeous. Four bags, 1 oz each or Superwash Merino, Organic Fiber (what fibre though, I do not know), Fuchsia, and Rainbow.

Louet Rainbow I might spin up the Rainbow and one of the undyed then ply them together. I think it’d be neat. I’m really into stranding right now and I have no idea why. Or I might ply it with the Fuchsia. We shall see when I start spinning again. Ohhhhhh, I have to mention that the LYS I went to tonight has spinning wheels. They are everywhere. It is dangerous, I might buy one if I’m not careful. I can’t buy one. That’d be like a rent payment. I can’t do that. I really can’t do that.

I also bought a set of circular needles so I can start my very own Laminaria. I’m frogging my Whisper Cardigan. I don’t think that I’d have enough Malabrigo Lace, so I’ll do a shawlette. I’m excited. It’s been a while since I did anything requiring attention to lace, plus it’ll be light and airy. My first Lace weight shawl. I’m excited. Plus it will mean I have more things on the needles. Apparently I get frazzled when I only have two things on the needles, weird, but true.

-Cheers folks!

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