Sunday, April 6, 2008

sickly death from nowhere

so im sick. i feel like crap, but that just gives me an excuse to sit in my room watching Dr.Who and Torchwood and BSG all the while knitting. :) i likes it. I'm working on an Adipose right now, and it look effing amazing. i love it. I also found out that John Barrowman (capt. Jack Harkness) is a fraking studio singer as well as a theatrical singer. I just got one of his albums and im in love. more so than I was before at least. thats just something that you dont see alot of nowadays, an actor that has a classic charm about him, and he can sing, and he can dance, and he makes every girl (and gay guy) swoon with just one look or one flash of a smile. and oh what a smile that is. *swoon*

on other news, I'm thinking about getting a nice dress jacket from ebay. I need other opinions. I love it because its plaid, but what do you all (I know at least someone reads my blogs) think of it?

1 comment:

Andrea said...

I think it'll go well on you. You have the right frame for it.