Wednesday, April 9, 2008

fo toe less

yes, because I am just that interesting. No picture updates.

got my 220 in the mail (yay) so im working on the second mosey and can not wait to finish it. but its not the only thing on the needles..... I've got a Dalek, a Tardis, a handspun scarf, basic rib socks, binary bag, clapotis, and a star shaped crocheted blanket for my new (and early) baby cousin. I also finished an adipose on sunday thanks to an awful cold that knocked me out for most of the weekend. along with taking out three quarters of the accounting department and a few of the engineers. But hey, I'm not complaining, I got alot of knitting done.

I need to start getting my name out there in the way of jobs. I really cant prolong the exposure to the "real world" any longer. well, as "real" as the music/theatre/film industry can be I guess.

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