Saturday, April 12, 2008

ahhh avoidance

So. I should be tweaking my resume and getting them out there so that I can get a job, But instead I'm listening to Rogue Traders (effin' amazing, find them) and Scissor Sisters (sooooo good). Either that or I'm knitting or watching Battlestar Galactica or Torchwood or Doctor Who. Life is currently grand, thats for sure, but I know the guilt will get to me at some point, just not right yet.


Tardis (acrylic but nice, colorwork is the villain)
Dalek (acrylic again, kinda in hibernation while I try to finish the Tardis)
Star Blanket (cotton, hibernation again)
Clapotis (taken off of the cirs due to lessening size since I'm on the decrease rows now)
Basic Rib Sock (hibernation due to complete lack of interest. I may frog the finished one and find a cool pattern like the Vinnlands)
Binary Bag (hibernation because I don't know what to do with it)
Uncle Argyle (hibernation, I may take it out and make a shrug out of the yarn instead)

in other news, I ordered the jacket :) I'm so excited. I also bought myself a new jacket from Firefly (the company not the show) It's an 07 Chilly. Zip off hood and sleeves. Super warm and thick. And an effing great pattern to boot. Green and brown coffee beans (or deer tracks lol) on a white background. It's so bright and I love it. Compliments well my Mocha Plaid Burton Rodeo jacket from the 05-06 season.

All's well!

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