Saturday, March 29, 2008


yea. I'm just not in the mood to fiddle with any html. my brain has apparently shut down due to graduation.

yarny news!. cast on a binary bag...will most likely frog it and turn it into a pillow because its soooo freaking soft. do not want to felt the wool to make the purse. Balled up my gothic popsicle to make a scarfsicle! using the slip stitch pattern from the cashmere neckwarmer from yarn abuse. loveing it. nothing else is new really.

have to start looking for jobs soon. can not wait to get out of the office I'm in. It's killing me. All my artsy-ness is going down the drains! I hate it! and 8-5 just isn't going over well, I dont get to sleep till 1 if not 2 and then i have to wake up at 6. I can't run on 4 or 5 hours sleep. It just doesn't work. hahaha. work doesn't work. oh dear.

pictures. right. um, new camera yadda yadda, a couple pictures of current works. I ran out of cascade220 for Mosey and so did the loop, so I ordered if off of ebay, hopefully it gets here soon.

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