Monday, March 17, 2008

theres a light!

I see it. I see the light. It's down there at the end of the tunnel! I can see it! Now lets hope that it's not a freight train.

I'm so close to being done school, so close. I graduate...on Thursday. I'm excited and stressed all at the same time. it's not doing good things for my back. I'm in such pain. ridiculous pain. and I don't have my Tylenol 3 or ibuprofen here with me at school. :( *weep*

But knitting news! I started and finished the boobholder in Cascade heathers in a deep greeny colorway, pictures forthcoming. I also finished a Cottage Sock from Lion brand in Twilley's of Stamford Freedom in a lollipop colorway, with baby blue toes, heels and the rib at the cuff. im not sure if i like them or not.

short update, im going home now, pain is unreal.

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