Wednesday, March 5, 2008


so im bored with this site. it totally reeks of Gimp. but now ive got photoshop, i need to do up something better. and soon, or else i will throw something at something. but i rarely have the time to sit down and do something like that. maybe thats what i'll do in my photoshop class at school, considering i have like 7 business cards, and we only needed 3. that sounds like a plan. :)

Oh right. Executive Producer of the Lime & Violet podcast. Totally rocks my hand knit socks. :D im excited. I just finished editing an episode, and it's uploading now. yay!

and just for some added fun, here's a couple business cards. leave a comment here, or on ravelry, or on the L&V boards, tell me which you like. :D

PS. the last one was a gag a friend did for me. NOT a real business card.

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