Tuesday, November 6, 2007


so, yet again, I'm waiting for cascade tweed in black to come into the country at my LYS. I only need like one skein, but they don't have any and their supplier is kinda flighty and they never really know when they're going to get anything. I wanna finish my sweater, just have like 3/4 of a yoke to do, with button holes, and then sew on the awesome buttons and sew in the ends. I wanna finish it now!

I also finished Jack's toque. So now I have JAck and Emma's toques done, with about 40-50 grams of the Galway yarn left over. what to do with the remnants...

I started some mittens for me on 8mm needles with some verigated Freedom (Twilleys of Stamford) yarn, but I dont know if I like them. I'm just about done one mitten, but I'll prolly take it all out and make a toque. I <3 my toques. I just need to find a cool pattern, maybe a cable toque, I'm currently obsessed with cables.

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