Tuesday, June 5, 2007

laptop case

so, another project started because I'm yet again bored.

I was looking through my uber awesome Stitch N' Bitch Nation book, and came across the horizontal herringbone pattern included in the Candy Stripers bag pattern. Originally I was going to knit the messenger bag, but I don't have real wool on hand (only have acrylic) and it wont felt. So after getting the hang of the herringbone pattern I tore my hour of work apart and began to think.

I had already made an awesome sleeve for my latop in Feb out of brown and pink polka dot and also pink fuzzy zebra materials, but that soon got left in my room as I grew tired of it. So I thought about my pattern made out of a single strand of green Phentex "Chunky" and realised that if I double stranded it, it'd be thicker, and less strandy, and would make a great laptop bag.

So here I sit with 5 inches of 2.5" wide herringbone pattern, and an idea in my head. I'll keep the updates comming!

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