Saturday, July 17, 2010


So here’s my list of knitted objects I’m currently working on:

1. Bridgewater. I just turned the first corner with the edging… only took two weeks to get there. Lots to do on it yet, but very excited to finally finish the big black monstrosity.

2. Green Cabled Sweater. Just picked it up after a long hiatus. Forgot how lovely the yarn is and how much I love cables. Just started the increases on the second sleeve.

3. Heelix socks. Basic stockinette with a heelix stripe. Plain knitting for when my brain can’t take anything else.

4. Boobholder for Jess. Malabrigo, instant win. Too hot to work on in this weather.

5. Log cabin blanket. Using up scraps of worsted weight yarn that I have kicking around in my stash. Too hot to work on.

6. Thrummed mittens. Because I’m a glutton for punishment apparently.

Someone save me from the heat. I’ll also take donations of beer.

-Cheers folks.

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