Monday, August 25, 2008

Bad Blogger, no cookie.

I've been a bad blogger. I'm sorry, forgive me? Well, I guess if you're here you already forgave me, so I'll go on.

Let's see... what have I been up to... Knitting, spinning, and a gig at Eastlink :D

I finished a Hemlock Ring Blanket as part of Ravelympics 2008. I'm relatively happy with it. I could have made it a bit bigger, and the Cascase 220 is a teeny bit thin, would have liked a thicker blanket, but it's a nice decorative throw.

For my birthday/graduation (they were the same day) I got the new Vogue Knitting magazine with Jarod Flood's Green Autumn (Druid) mittens pattern in it. I cast them on in the Lime Green color I got from Eric at Cables and Lace. I love them so much and am quite a bit farther than this picture, but we haven't had any decent weather to take pictures.

I've been working on a pinwheel blanket since July, it's going slowly, but I'm on my 6th ball of the Handicrafter cotton, so it's getting to be a good size, I think I'll only do a few more rows out of this ball and then do a fancy-ish bind off to make it a little prettier. I'm not sure if I'll give it to Nanny to go with her stuff for the Hospital, or if I'll take it to either one of the nursing homes, or what. I have no pictures of it, and it's nothing special, so believe me, you're not missing anything.

OH! I finished one of the Endpaper mittens, I like it. I should have reversed the colors so that the Black & White was the background color, I'll do such on the other mitten, once I finish one of the druid mittens.

Dr.Who Swap! only....too late. lol. Iko is amazing. She sent me so much great stuff (most of which is gone) Those are two bags of Jelly Babies (I like the strawberry ones, but detest the black currant ones. One bag is completly gone, and the other is only half left), a package of chip nuts (I like chip nuts but these are SPICY, too spicy for me), and a whole bunch of Japanese gummy candies (tasty).
Honey, I got honey!
Roving from Spincerely Yours. (BTW, I had to get a new set of plastic drawers just to put all my spinning fiber into, there's just a little bit of it.)
STR!!!! I need to get more sock dpns so I can have more than one fingering weight project on the go at once, but I need to find a project to go with this yarn first.
A magnet! I love it. Know what will be the first thing on the fridge of whatever place I move into when I leave here. A really nice sewn envelope, and a sweet note.
ZOMGIES, POCKY! I got Pocky for the first time when I was in Montreal with band in grade 11, I fell in love and went back to that little store in China town like 5 times just to buy Pocky. The Red box is gone, and I hid the Men's pocky away from myself so that I might be able to keep it a bit longer.
As you can see, my swap package was awesome! Iko is amazing. :)

On to what I did today.

Crystal (Cousin Ben) and I spent the afternoon dying! It was so much fun. I brought over two bags of roving that I got from Hello Yarn (BFL and Merino) and we dyed it using kool aid. Not too many pictures we taken on the account of both of us having so much fun either laughing at Ben in his Jolly Jumper or too caught up in the dying process, but there were a few good ones.

Youngest Dyer ever? He kept whining while we were soaking the fiber, so Crystal picked him up and put him on the table, he was happy just to be part of it. I didnt include the picture of him bouncing around with a grin from ear to ear because it's super blurry, but he was really cute.

Crystal's pinwheel design. She dyed the BFL, I did the Merino. No pictures of mine with the dye on it, we were too busy laughing at Ben.
This is Crystal's fiber in the loaf pan in the microwave. She was amazed (and so am I every single time) at how clear the water comes out when you cook it. Chemistry amazes me.
After we set the fiber outside to dry, I was working on the pinwheel blanket, and once again, Ben kept whining, apparently all he wanted to do was help.

Well, that's it for my mammoth update, hopefully I'll be doing more regular updates so that I wont have ones this long, and this far apart.

ETA: I forgot to mention, I got my Ravelry shirt! yays! I'm going to wear it tomorrow to the Eastlink gig I'm working, I'm really excited.

-Cheers and happy knitting!

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