Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Acquisitions, Photographs, and Castonitis

My name is Gwen, and I have a problem.

I was taking pictures of my stash on Monday and got up to about 200 pictures (more than one picture for each skein) and it only took care of about on third of my stash. It's kinda sad. I was also playing around with different photographing techniques, and came up with some pretty cool effects, I'm also doing a bit of photoshopping to get more than one picture into the pciture. My favorite so far has to be this one:

It's the Merino/Silk I got in the Single's Survival Swap. It's a dream to spin and I can't wait to try my hand at plying it. I haven't gotten many more of the pictures edited yet, seeing as I'm doing all of this on my laptop, and the touchpad can only do so much (my god I want a Wacom so bad) it takes me a while. I will get them all done eventually, but just not yet. Here are some more that I've done.

The left over Midnight Blue fiber that mom & dad brought back from Gatlinberg. I think there's about 2 ounces left.

Spincerely Yours. The roving I got from Iko in my Dr Who survival Swap package. More about that later.

Socks That Rock, from Iko, more later.

On the needles....um, too much. I've got a pinwheel blanket out of Handicrafter Cotton that I had purchased for Brownie Camp that never happened. I'm nearly done with my 4th skein, and it's over 2 feet across. I'm going to try to use up 8 skeins, but I'm also going to try to be done before Friday so that I can use the 5mm Addi it's on now for my Ravelympics project. Also on the needles (and taking another 5mm circ, but it's only a 24 inch and it's bamboo) is my Boob Holder Take 2. It's the exact same as my first green one, except this one is in black 220. It kinda got stalled, I don't have the initiative to work on it very much right now. The Lime Tuxedo Mitts, I love them, I'll put that right out there, and I'm almost done with one so far. I'm not sure if the thumb will be big enough though, kinda scared about that. The Lace Leaf scarf has stalled, it takes far too much concentration to watch DVD's or talk to ADONIS while knitting it.

There is an FO! I almost forgot. I finished it last night, and I think it'll be terribly huge for dear Cousin Ben, but he'll grow into it, or I'll make another one, in fact, I think I will make another and do it with stripes. It's also a testament to how bad a crocheter I am. I managed to figure out my mistakes though, so the next one will be much better. I really want one for myself now too though.

I was really tired when I was taking these pictures. Please excuse my insane behavior.

I think that'll be all for today. I'll try to remember to blog about my Dr.Who swap package later on, and about my ebay acquisition, and about my other internet purchases (which haven't come in yet, but still).

-Cheers and happy knitting!

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