Sunday, July 27, 2008

Update! Update!

Because I'm a bad blogger, here's an update, not sure of what, but yea, update with pictures!

There are three XL blocks for my Lizard Ridge blanket all seamed together. I need to get to Tangled Skeins to get some more Kureyon for more blocks. Each block is two skins and about 10 inches wide and about 24 inches long, so right now I have a block that's 30 by 24 inches. I think maybe 5 more block, making it 40 by 48 will be big enough. Maybe. We'll see, Kureyon isn't cheap eh?

Tuxedo Mitt! I'm not too happy with it. The self striping yarn went kinda funny in the area where I increased for the thumb gusset and it completely hides the cables. I only have the one mitt done so far, I might rip it and make a pair of socks instead.

Detail on my Lace Leaf Scarf. I love how soft the Malabrigo Lace yarn is, but I'm having issues with it being so damned thin, just feels weird to work with. But I love the final product, so light and lofty.

This is how much I have done so far. 8 complete repeats out of....50 maybe?

Pride and joy right now. They're my Lime Tuxedo Mitts made out of Dragon Feet (Lemon and Miss Lime) and Lizard toes (PenGwen) both from Eric at Cables and Lace. It's Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts pattern, and although The detail of the colorwork gets lost because of the striping, it still makes for an amazinf mitt, and warm too. I'm about a third of the way done the thumb gusset right now (so much farther than this picture). I love them.

Also with no pictures, I've cast on for another boobholder, but this one will be in black Cascade 220. I love my green one to death, but find that I don't have many shirts I can wear with it due to the green clashing with just about everything in my closet. I'm pretty stoked to have a new knitted garment to wear.

As to non knitting news, I went on a pubcrawl on Friday night. I was expecting to not know many people, and to kinda feel like an outsider, but it was really awesome. I also met an amazing guy who I hung out with most of the night (after singing The Night Pat Murphy Died with him of course). We went to see Batman last night too. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see him again. :)

-cheers and happy knitting!


Cheeky Red Head said...

Wow, you've been productive! Love it all.

Opal said...

It's amazing how much you're getting done with so many different projects. I really admire you for that.

My favorite is the Lizard Ridge. Sooo pretty!

kchealy said...

You're obviously a much better multi-project person than I am...I can't manage to work on more than 2 project max at once!

Very nice work here...the Lace Leaf scarf is my favorite.

Michael said...

What, am I the first to go 'OOOOOOOOhh,tell us more!'?