Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Damn Good Book

So I finished Stilwell today. No pictures though because taking pictures by yourself of a sweater that you’re wearing is a touch difficult, and I didn’t want to go out on the back deck considering that it’s still full of snow, and I didn’t get up in time to get the sun in the living room. It’s a very small window of opportunity to get sun in through the living room window. No pun intended. I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow, hopefully my brain wont still be trying to escape through my nose.

I’ve now only got a plain vanilla sock, and a log cabin blanket on the needles. I really want more (I still really want Rockaway), but I can’t cast on because Ravelympics start on Friday. That will mean two weeks of intensive lace knitting for me. Lace knitting in black laceweight yarn. Also known as INSANITY.

In other news, Winterlude is well underway. Friday was the opening ceremonies at Major’s Hill Park (I was there for Canada Day). There were fireworks, music, and the Flying Canucks. They were pretty impressive in their trampoline-ing abilities, and completely random and huge ski jump with a great big air bag that they landed on. I unfortunately didn’t get any good pictures of them (kinda got there a little late), but I got some neat fireworks photos.

Winterlude Fireworks-14

More on my Flickr as always.

-Cheers folks!

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