Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Revamp: Day 1 & 2

Things have been going well in Bike Revamp World. I had an issue or two (not being able to get the stem off, which meant that the fork was going nowhere), but I rallied.

Alonso repaint-1

I was very impressed with myself on Sunday when I got the chain off (first time ever taking a chain off, totally not scary). I did loose one of the nuts that keeps the crank on the axel, but I’ll just go over to homeharware to get a new one. Also, I had to cut the bottom of my rear fender to get it off. The fastener (a screw and nut) was completely jammed and would not budge. I’m now trying to decide whether I want to get new fenders, or if I’ll try to clean up the ones I have.

After cleaning, sanding, cleaning, sanding, and cleaning again, I was ready to prime. Apparently I still need to remember that spraypaint sprays.

Alonso repaint-7

Primer looked good. A little splotchy in a couple places, but I was overall happy. After another very fine sand, I was game to paint.

Alonso repaint-9

It’s a fair bit more yellow than I had expected, but I like it.

Tomorrow will be a clear coat. I’m excited. Very excited. I’m also a little sore. Far too long spent on the deck. I’m a touch burnt. Ow.

-Cheers folks!

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