Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthday Cupcake Trial

Vegan muffins? Yup. Vegan burgers? Yes. Vegan chocolate cake? Mmhmm. Vegan pancakes? Indeed. Vegan cupcakes? ……

I had tried my hand Veganizing a few recipes before, but seeing as I didn’t really have much use of my old kitchen, and Mr’s kitchen being tiny (Even smaller than the Smitten Kitchen kitchen!), I didn’t do much baking. None really. We made pizza from a pizza crust we bought at the store, but I don’t count that. Now that I have a decent sized kitchen and all my baking stuff to go with it, I’m baking again!


I spent a chunk of time on the 15th trying out my first vegan cupcakes. I based them off of these from Life in Limbo. Mister wanted “a chocolate cake. No! A chocolate vanilla swirly cake thing. With cherry filling!” Changing from the original idea I mentioned a while ago about a roll cake, I omitted the cherries, and changed it into cupcake form, and this is what I came up with.



Awesome cupcakes. I added a chocolate mint frosting to them once they cooled. Sooooo good.


We devoured the entire batch (2 dozen minis) far quicker than I had imagined. I had hoped to be able to save at least a dozen for the party (which is tomorrow), but alas, we ate them all. So now I get to bake a batch of lime cupcakes today (they will have coconut milk frosting), and then tomorrow will be another batch of these (with chocolate mint frosting), and a batch of cherry cupcakes (with cherry frosting).

Now I must go bake.

-Cheers folks!

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