Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ah yeeeees.

so I got a spindle a couple weeks back. its awesome. I spin up a top knot right away and instantly fell in love. its very slubby but its still awesome. theres only 45 yards so I dont know what I'm going to make with it. I might take the skein and try to re-spin it? i dont know. ive been doing some light copworth stuff I got from the loop and it has been doing great things. Ive got two skeins of 65 yards each of a heavy worsted weight. im going to try my hand at kool-aid dyeing. Ill probably go grab some today on my break. I also ordered me some rocket roving from etsy. im excited to get spinning with some merino. the copworth is kinda rough, spins up nice and drafts well, but I just want something smooth and cheap-ish.

I finished the vinlands. im working on an argyle scarf thats double knit (uncle argyle from sons of stitch n bitch)im also doing a sock in monkeypal, its the firestarters from the loopy ewe blog. but i changed where the pattern is. im also trying to finish up the clpoohtee that i started A MILLION YEARS AGOOOOOO.

I need some form of caffiene. and perhaps food. maybe Ill grab a caesar while im at the grocery store getting kool aid. mmmmm garlicy goodness. :)

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