Friday, February 1, 2008

oh sigh

it's been a while, and its been tiring. I'm working on a website for school...we're just using iweb on the macs at school, but still. eugh. give me a set code, and let me edit it. I much prefer it, even though I dont really understand all of the html. but still. iweb makes my brain melt. so does photoshop. and illustrator. but on a more geekery note ProTools 7.4.1 is effing amazing. they have this elastic audio thing, and im totally going way overboard with even that. but seriously. omg *drool* who will lend me fifteen thousand so that I can get me a rig of my own? come on. any takers? no? damn.

second vinnland is almost done, just under one repeat left then bind off. I'm not sure if I'm going to do the standard bind off again or if I'll try to find something stretchier. wow, that word didnt come up as wrong under spell check. wow.

I've been watching alot of Las Vegas as I knit up in my room (so the rents dont make fun of me too much) and I found a poker set I was given a couple xmas's ago, and I've been playing with the dealer, big blind and small blind buttons for like two hours now. just holding them in one hand and moving them around and around. I kinda surprised myself with my dexterity, but then I look at the freaking sock and heck yes. I am a goddess.

I also just noticed that the imacs at school seem to come up as comming from PEI cause the last couple visits were from me on them. I set the widgit (yes I AM using the term widgit, just don't get me talking about dongles) to not record visits from my laptop, but still. the imacs are in Hali, not Charlottetown. oh IP addresses. how I heart thee.

OH! I finished the second Gir and I made three cupcakes. Two of them (one blue icing and one red) will be given with the Gir's as a "I'm sorry its a late christmas present, but still love me?" thing. the third (white icing) I'm not sure what I'll do with. It may go to Shawn and Crystal's baby along with the uggs. but I'm not sure. I might make another one and get a rattle or something and put inside it so it makes noise. actually, I think thats what I'll do and I wont put a cherry ontop I'll just close the top off. sweet! baby gifts are awesome.

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