Thursday, June 26, 2008

In which there are Boobs

Well, not really, but there are pseudo-boobs...

I finished and blocked (but have yet to weave in the ends) my first ever lace AND shawl project. Adamas is done! I was so excited. It's a bit smaller than I might have liked, but I still love it.

I really need to get some of those interlocking foam tiles, espescially for the boob blanket (once it gets to blocking stage)

I love the detail and the color. :D

I also finished the Clapotis that I started....a year and a half ago. It's nice and big, and really warm. Now I just need to find a place to wear it to. No pictures of it yet, it's still sitting on my dining room table.

I have pictures of the boob blanket too. :D I got a bit artsy and have decided to take a million pictures of everything and then delete what doesn't work. That way I will be bound to get some good shots.

That's only two skeins of Noro (170 F) and I freaking love the stuff. I love the colors, I love the fabric it makes when done up on 5mm needles, and I even like the feel of the yarn itself in my hands.

I started the blanket using Cascade 220 that I had in my stash, but when I went to Tangled Skeins downtown, I picked up to balls of Noro and oh my god. I love it, the Cascade looked good on it's own, but put them together and it pales in comparison. I will probably pick up some more of the Noro to make more blocks for the blanket. And by blocks I mean huge mammoth sized blocks that rock. The one in the picture is about 10"X30" and it still has to be blocked. I need to block the blocks. That sort of amuses me.

eugh, I need sleep. I plan on being productive tomorrow. And my folks are going away for the long weekend. Just me and the bro till Tuesday. Joy.

-cheers and happy knitting!