Thursday, November 27, 2008

But...Cookies make thing better.....

I've been a bad blogger I know. It's not like I can even say that life has taken over and has left me with zero time to blog. I just have lost the bug. I've lost a few bugs, and I miss them. I want my mojo back. So let this be a note to whoever stole my mojo, I'd like it back in the condition in which it was taken. I miss it dearly, and there might be a reward for it's prompt return.

So there hasn't really been much in the way of coming off the needles. I finished a neckwarmer out of the Malabrigo. I love it. I haven't taken pictures yet, but that's because I have rarely been home when the sun is up.

TOM's socks are still on the go, not much progress. I'm working (occasionally) on the Crochet earflap toque. Also, I cast on a pair of mittens from some Black Kroy and Eric's Dragon Feet in Lemon 'n Miss Lime (Cables and Lace), using the Space Invader's chart from BMP. I'm almost done the thumb on one mitten, I think I should have made the thumb a little bigger, I actually might end up taking out the thumb and picking up a few more stitches than I had this time. I really like how the intarsia adds an extra layer and warmth to the mittens.

Dad wants me to make a Kenny (Yes, from South Park) doll for someone's daughter that he knows. I need to go out an find some orange yarn now. I told that to dad and our conversation went pretty much like this:

Dad: "In all of this, you don't have any orange?"
Me: "No, I dont have any orange"
Dad: Picks up a skein "What about this?"
Me: "That's not orange, it's peach. Plus it's Alpaca and really splitty, not good for crochet."
Dad: pauses, looks from me to yarn to all my stash "Hunny, I think you have a problem."

Well that about sums up the exciting life of me. I'm going to a M*A*S*H Party tomorrow night, should have some pics if I remember to bring my camera. I'm definitely going to have fun though.

-Cheers and happy knitting!

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craftycrafter said...

mmm, I grew up watching M*A*S*H* pretty much everyday, and now that I'm living at home again, I still watch it everyday. Thought I was going nuts when I saw an episode where Klinger was in mens clothes