Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm not so think as you drunk I am!

So last night I went to a party. A party where I knew the sum total of 4 people out of the....20 or more who were there. It was still one of the best parties I have ever been to. I think that one of the things that may have made it awesome was the fact that there was a theme. An awesome theme.

Did ya figure it out? I hope so. It was a M*A*S*H themed party. The house was all MASH-ified. (Well done Jenn, Adam, and Tyler by the way.)

Officers (& Enlisted Personnel) Club. AKA: the living room.

One of two Latrines and the Swamp (AKA, Tyler's room) Nurses were welcome, but seeing as I was Hot Lips, I didn't find the place too fitting.

They even put a sign on the shower. They did SUCH an awesome job! I really commend them.

What would a M*A*S*H party be without toilet paper streamers? I bugged Adam enough to not forget them, so I'm glad they didn't.

A few people came in costume, and they were good costumes. There was Hot Lips, Father Mulcahy, Hawkeye, a female Radar (She had the teddy bear, it was awesome), a nurse, a doctor in scrubs, three soldiers (Lauren had a gas mask, helmet, and army vest. Apparently she had a utility vest too, but it was too heavy.), and even.... Drum roll please.....

Klinger! He won the best costume prize by many many votes. He also had a pair of heels that he was wearing, and a matching purse. He spared NO expense. Even regaling us with his story of telling the older female sales associate that he wanted a dress to wear to a party.

An amazing time was had by all. I wonder if we could find enough people willing to do either a Dr.Who party when the Christmas Special comes out or when Battlestar Galactica starts up again... hmmmmmm.

Knitting news! um....nothing. I really want my mojo back. I am working on a Kenny doll for my dad to give to someone, but that's pretty much all. no progress has been made on anything else. I sort of want to get some plastic canvas to make a few TARDIS's, 3D or otherwise. I do have a few friends who would love to have ornaments that are TARDIS's. Maybe I'll pick some up at Atlantic Fabrics tomorrow on my break from work.

C'est tout! J'ais fini. My french is so bad. oh dear.

-Cheers and happy knitting! (and anything else it is that you do)

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Belle Ecrivaine said...

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Anyway, don't worry, there WILL be a Battlestar gathering come January.