Saturday, December 13, 2008

I did it, your turn now.

That's right Michael, the gauntlet has been thrown down. It's your turn to blog now. I apologize in advance for the pictures that aren't up to my usual semi nice standards, but I just needed something to show that I have actually been working on stuff.

So, my mojo has partially returned, not fully yet, but I'm definitely drafting a heck of a lot more than I had been for a while there. I finished a case for my Crochet hooks and short DPNs. I'm not sure if I had mentioned it before, but I'm actually quite proud of it.
It took me a bit to figure out the best way to put the zipper on, but I finally did figure it out, and it doesn't look half bad if I say so myself.
There are 12 spaces for hooks/needles. A few of them are larger for my bigger hooks and my short but large sized DPNs, and some are smaller to help hold in the DPNs, even though I don't have to worry about them falling out because of the zipper on the top. I know that there doesn't look like there's a zipper on the bottom, and that would be because there isn't a zipper on the bottom. The only one I had here at home was only 16" long, and I wanted instant gratification. Still, the needles/hooks wont fall out because the zipper is on the top and there isn't enough room for them to come out of their little pockets.

My sad attempt at an artsy picture, I don't know why, but I can't seem to get my camera to focus very well. I think at some point in time in the new year I might go and get a real nice camera instead of a pretty nice camera. Not SLR (which I would loooooove), but something with a manual focus would be nice. Auto-anything doesn't work for me all the time.

The main bit of my crafting time has been spent working on my Super Duper Secret Project, so I can't post pictures but it's about 98% done, just a few tiny finishing things and it's done! Too bad it wont get to the recipient in time for Christmas seeing as he leave on Tuesday and I wont see him again before then. *tear*

*Returning 10 minutes later.* Okay, so Michael'ss tactic of sending me to this site to try to make my blogging time even longer kind of worked, and OMG I want everything.

Back to actual knitting stuffs now. I've also started another Lizard Ridge block. I really like this color combo, not sure what color number it is though because I mistakenly threw away the ball bands. I did a recalculation of all the Noro Kureyon that I have, and I have enough for two more blocks after this one, I'll need two more balls to make one more block (I'm doing 8 blocks, a 4X2 blanket seeing as my blocks are fairly large). This is my 5th block and so far, I'm loving the pattern (it flies off my needles), the colors are wonderful, and it's really warm. I think I might do a backing in flanel maybe, just to make it so that theres a little more to it, and so the (IMHO) ugly purl/wrong side is hidden. I haven't decided yet, and I still need to block each piece.

I started these a while ago, and they're still on the needles. I think the thumb is a touch tight, so I wasn't happy with them, and as with everything that I'm not totally happy with, it sits in the wicker basket by my bed and cries tears of loneliness. I really like the palm, I might just frog back the thumb and then pick up more stitches at the base. I haven't decided yet.

Want a blast from your (or maybe it's just mine) childhood? Plastic Canvas. I bought some on a whim seeing as each piece it under 50 cents, I think I'm going to make a TARDIS pen holder for my cube at work. This is a piece I did, but there's an error, so I'm going to make all new ones for the actual one for work. (I'll be the coolest cat around, eh?)

Did I mention the neckwarmer that I finished out of the Malabrigo I bought from TLE? if I did, wewt, if not, here's a picture. The color isn't great, but it's really hard to get an accurate color of it. It's Lettuce Green by the way for anyoone who was wondering.

I frogged a few things too recently. The One Row Handspun scarf I was working on out of some single ply Aurelia Top Knot just wasn't looking as good as I wanted it to, so I frogged it. And the Two monkeys out of Bamboo blend were frogged. I might make another pair of firestarters out of the yarn. I really like the ones out of STR that I have, either that or if I can find another pattern that I love. Not decided yet, but it's not like I'm going anywhere.

Well, I have to go get ready for work (I really do NOT want to work tonight), but I think the best thing might be the fact that I'll have something waiting for me when I do get home. Three words: Rainbow Chocolate Chips.

-Cheers and happy crafting!

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Anonymous said...

Well I hope you're at least a little glad that you went to work tonight.
Can't wait for the super duper secret project, the anticipation is killing me!