Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 4 - Wrath

Today was not a good day.

Today's Sin: Wrath (Latin - Ira)

So let's start right from the begging. I was woken up at 10:00am by an old teacher of mine offering me a gig (that big was really good), but because I was up early, I slept in later than I had hoped. 12:30 to be precise, and here's the really bad bit: I worked at 1. I didn't even get to shower, I just got up, washed really quickly, threw my hair up in a pony, and ran off to work. I got there about 3 minutes before my shift started at which time my manager gave me a hard time for not being there ten minutes before my shift started. First off, I have NEVER been there ten minutes before my shift started, secondly, this is the first time I have come anywhere near to being late. So lady, BACK OFF.

My shift was relatively uneventful. It seemed very stupid that the same three people who closed yesterday were also the ones who closed today. I had a few customers who I could have kicked in the arse, but I also had a few really amazing women who truly were appreciative of the amazing customer service I give. I went to Atlantic Fabrics on my break to try and find a shorter 3.75mm circular needle, but all they had were crappy Boye or Susan Bates needles, and the shortest they had were 75cm. Needless to say, that excursion was a bust.

I came home, mom made french toast for the two of us. It wasn't enough for supper for me, so I made a plate of Nachos, still not enough, so I had an English Muffin. I was going to make Cherry Balls, but we don't have enough coconut, or any graham crackers. BUST. I tried to make peanut butter balls, the balls are made, and I tried to do the coating (I didn't have any milk chocolate, so I was going to use white which I figured I would have enough of), but after I got two balls done, I realized I had burnt the chocolate. I think that was the last straw, if I don't get a double broiler for Christmas, I'm buying one. I love making chocolates, but I hate the way I have to McGuyver a pot of water and the chocolate pot. And the best thing, I came upstairs to put on pyjama pants and realized that I had accidentially taken a key home from work, so even if I don't have to work tomorrow (can I just mention now how much I HATE on-call shifts), I have to go in fairly early to drop the key off.

Oh by the way, did I forget to mention that today was the Open House/ Family get together at the B&B my godmother runs in Windsor that I look forward to every year, that I didn't get to go to? Yea, NOT HAPPY.

Today gets a 10/10 for Wrath. Way to go for pissing me off life.

-cheers and pour me another, I need to drown my anger in something.

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